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Conrad Hotel Essay

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Wat Lai Ying, Lillian (1155033913) Date: 9/11/2012
HTMG 1091 - A

Distinguished Speaker Series: Nov 2, 2012
Speaker: Mr. Thomas Hoeborn, GM, Conrad Hong Kong

Having spent around 27 years with Hilton Worldwide in various positions such as Area Food & Beverage Director, Hotel Manager, General Manager, and Regional General Manager, Mr. Thomas Hoeborn is experienced in the hotelier industry.
Being appointed as Conrad Hong Kong's new General Manager in 2012, Mr. Hoeborn is responsible for hotel operations, including development of the team and the hotel, identifying and implementing business objectives and goals, and delivering unparallel services to guests ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, I believe Conrad is an ideal place for people working there to grow. To run a hotel, colleagues from different departments and positions are indispensable. Instead of "training", Mr. Heoborn emphasized that he'd rather call it "learning and development" when it comes to nurturing the next generation of leaders and his fellow team members. Conrad is creating an environment where team members could choose their own career path and pace. Every team member should be on-going and constantly learning at every position to explore their possibilities and further move in their right field to fully utilize their talents. Moreover, leaders and team members are partners during mentoring and leaders should help them to grow. Saying "the sky is your limit in your career with Hilton Worldwide" seems not exaggerating as members in Conrad are always growing.

Apart from the human-based management, I do appreciate the value of Conrad on the service provided to guests, in which the idea of "the luxury of being yourself" is highlighted. Firstly, service provided are smart luxury. It emphasizes a personal touch in a stylish way which I believe is the key of keeping loyal customers. Secondly, service provided should be flawless. It focuses on customers, keeps an eye on consistency and keeps improving. Thirdly, service provided should be able to bring connections to customers. It creates an environment that the guests could enjoy and connect with whoever people or whatever...

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