Congruence Of Individual Personality And Brand Personality Influence The Buying Behaviour Favorably

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An initiative to find whether the congruence of individual personality and brand personality influence the buying behaviour favorably

This study is conducted on students of xxxxx University to test the hypothesis (does the congruence of individual personality and brand personality influence the buying behaviour favourably?). The results would describe if an individual’s personality similar to that of the brand will result in preference for that brand in purchasing decisions. The study is conducted in two phases using Aaker’s- 5 brand personality description/model. In the first phase, factor analysis has been used in grouping the attributes given by the sample population for the ...view middle of the document...

It is believed that consumers prefer those brands which, in addition to satisfying their functional needs and wants, also symbolize those personality aspects that they find most congruent with their own actual or desired (“aspired to”) personality associations (Belk 1988; Dolich 1969). The perceived personality of a brand can be shaped by marketers via “transferring cultural meaning” into it in various ways, such as by associating the brand in communications with an endorser or place that already possesses the personality or meaning considered strategically desirable for that brand (McCracken 1986).
Individual and cultural attributes of consumers are vital to the strategy of any brand that converge consumer’s personality traits with the underlying brand propositions. These factors also add enormous value to the functional orientation of the brand. The synergy of personality traits of consumers, cultural value, brand identity effect, and functional utility of brand helps developing powerful strategy for successful brands. Brand personality trait provides symbolic traits provide symbolic meaning or emotional value that can contribute to consumers’ brand preferences and can be more enduring than functional attributes.
Consumers perceives the brand on dimensions that typically capture a person’s personality, and extend that to the domain of brands ( Rajagopal and Sanchez, 2004). The dimensions of brand personality are defined by extending the dimensions of human personality to the domain of the brands.

Personality: Concept and Measurement
1. The human personality concept in psychology
Without going back to the Latin or theological roots of the word "personality" – the meanings of which are then manifold – we observe that the first psychologist who constructed a personality theory was Freud. Most important is that Freud and his disciples considered personality to be something dynamic, cumulative, but, above all, they viewed it as being durable and relatively stable over time. Sullivan’s researches have the same lines, especially concerning the definition of personality. Indeed, Sullivan thought that
“Personality could be defined only in terms of the reactions (…) of an individual towards other people in recurrent interpersonal situations in life. He called the smallest unit of recurrent reactions dynamism. He used that word to describe certain patterns of feelings or behaviour (…) and also to describe entities or mechanisms that are the components of the personality. (…) Those dynamisms are quite enduring and accumulate throughout life.”
This definition is quite vague, but it gave a way to the trait theory.
The importance of defining the concept of personality is crucial insofar as it will influence the theory that will ensue. When trying to write a book devoted to explain what personality really is, Allport wrote an entire chapter entitled “Defining Personality”. In this chapter, he reviewed 49 definitions before giving one of...

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