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Confucianism And Chinese Communist Party Essay

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Confucianism and the existence of Chinese dictatorship in modern time.
China has a long history and Confucianism is one big part of its heritage. Appearance around 500 BC, Confucianism values on loyal, education, prosperity, harmony, and morality. With 2,500 years of existence and development, Confucianism has affected much on Chinese policies. However, Confucianism has not been all time put a head in Chinese policies. China in modern time is an example. Chinese Communist Party first denied Confucianism when it took controlling the country. Chinese Communist Party then applied the Marx ideal on Chinese society but it did not work well. The country fell in poverty, and then, China returned ...view middle of the document...

The times when it fell down were when a corrupt emperor came on the scene and used laws to oppress people. Any time when Confucianism was applies, China was prosperity, and China at that time was a peaceful nation, not a threat to any other state. Education is another Confucian value, and the success of Taiwan is an example how Confucianism value on education. Taiwanese families sent their children to learn high-tech skills in the 1950s, who later returned to build up that country's current position in technology and computing.
However, when Chinese Communist Party took controlling over the nation, Confucianism was denied. Marxist ideology was applied: “the philosophy of Karl Marx underpins the legitimacy of the ruling Chinese Communism Party and thus Marxism is the place to start for thinking about China’s political future” (Bell, 20). Forty years after Chinese Communist Party taken controlling the nation, China fell in poverty, and then the Chinese leader had to apply the capitalism in tern of production. Chine society came to look at its traditional values, the revival of Confucianism.
Chinese government now uses Confucian value to solve its problems. Confucius said: “Harmony is something to be cherished” (Bell, 23). The Chinese President Hu Jintao has repeated this value in his word: “A harmonious society should feature democracy, the rule of law, equity, justice, sincerity, amity and vitality” (Tin-bor-hui, 63). Another tern of harmony is equal. China recently has taken on board concern about the need to minimize the suffering of workers and farmers: “during the process of Scientific development in October 2006, for the first time…Chinese policymakers signaled a shift from no-hold-barred growth to a more sustainable model that would boost social and economic equality and enable low income and underprivileged groups to have more access to employment opportunities” (Bell, 21). Moreover, many intellectuals have turned to Confucianism to make sense of such social practices.
Confucianism helped Chinese Communist Party avoided to be corrupted. The socialism’s collapse in Eastern Europe did not affect much on China. Almost 20 years after the collapse in Easter Europe, China now more succeed in economic, and the Chinese Communist Party still control the State. The difference is in the roof of Confucianism. That is: “Confucius emphasis on the moral imperative of rule by educated generalist career administrator who have autonomy yet maintain unswerving loyalty to their superiors, on familiar terns with one another and the center central leaders- so long as the country experiences unity and stability” (Gamer, 437), and then Deng Xiaoping applied it in China after 1979, emphasizing rapid economic growth to maintaining stability. Confucianism value on loyal, it is leading China to communitarian democracy, which is difference with the liberal democracy that Easter European countries be affected from Western European...

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