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Confucianism Essay

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Dorcas Gray
March 30, 2015
Elizabeth Jarnagin

Confucianism is an ethical system which was founded by Confucius “Master King.” Confucianism is based on Confucius belief that all persons are capable of doing good. The core idea of Confucianism is humanitarianism, and it is often thought of as a system that regulate social groups. However, according to Molloy (2013), “Confucianism is not just the ideal of an orderly society but also the ideal of a perfect human being” (p. 230). With this information, the paper will provide information on the five great relationships according to Confucianism, the ideal person act, and the role of Confucianism in ...view middle of the document...

The older friend has the responsibility to provide guidance and support for younger friend. In the meantime, younger friend should be respectful to the older friend.
• Ruler and subject – This is similar to the father and son relationship. In this case, the ruler assumes responsibility and provide protection for the persons he leads.
Confucianism’ concept to relationships stipulates that each person has a particular role in society, and the way in which the role is carried out will determine the impact it will have on the other person who is involve. Therefore, it is expected that each person live up to their social role with obedience, responsibility, dedication, and respect so that social harmony can prevail.
The Ideal Person Act
With the existence of social harmony, the ideal person can easily be manifested when the five social virtues are applied to their lives. These five virtues are present in the principles of Ren, Li, Shu, Xiao, and Wen. When these virtues are combined, it will reflect an individual who is polite, considerate, and thoughtful of others. He or she will do the things that are most appropriate for the current situation while analyzing their attitudes, and the impact it can have on others. The ideal person is expected to be devoted to all family members whether they are deceased, alive or to come. He or she is expected to be...

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