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Paul Krugman in “Confronting Inequality” tries to explain how bad inequality is and the things that can bring inequality up or down. He gives reasons of why he and Americans should care about the rising inequality. Krugman says, “One reason to care about inequality is the straight forward matter of living standards. The lack of clear economic progress for lower and middle income families is in itself an important reason to seek a more equal distribution of income” (322).

Krugman also uses many quotes from people who have had a big impact on America to help argue his point about inequality. Quote that stuck out on its own was the one ...view middle of the document...

Even though most families move around trying to send their kids to good schools so they can get a better education in hopes they will continue on to college. This just says that no matter how good or bad your parents are doesn’t always determine on how the child will be in their futures.

Krugman does argue a great point that inequality is nearly sky rocketing in today’s society and it’s not good. Feeling that inequality should decrease more than increase to make America what people call the free country. Its sad going around hearing and seeing all the unequal people lining up for help just to get turned down. No one would want to ever have to go through life knowing they are seriously unequal to everyone else.

On another note having to disagree with eliminating inequality completely would tear this country apart with nothing but anger and war toward each other. No one wants to work hard to get to where they are just to see someone else not have to do anything to be at the same place. Hard working people won’t want to work hard if their neighbor is making just as much with the same job doing less. Working all day and getting the same as a bum on the street would not only anger someone it would infuriate them which, can lead to violence.

The last thing America needs is a war...

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