Conformity Of The Cba Students To The Use Of Continues Technological Development

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The great things that we have today are all about the improvements in technology. You can now chat with your friends across the globe, send text messages, access information through computer or even drive a car without stepping on the gas pedal. All of these innovations are because of technological developments.
Agreeing to the definition of technology that can be applied to all stages of history may be impossible. Early technology evolved primarily through accident and trial and error. While the discovery of technology is still very important, contemporary technology is mainly the result of a constantly expanding knowledge base.
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As this changes goes on, all aspect of human being will continue to evolve.


As technology continues to give latest trends in our society, changes are everywhere. We can observe that a lot of gadgets are in the market right now with different styles, different innovations and different applications.
Students want to adopt in latest trends in our society in order for them to become “in” in the continues changing modern world. In Holy Trinity University (HTU) especially in College of Business and Accountancy which is the focus of this research, we can observe that all students have different kinds of gadgets in their hands.
The development of technology, curiosity of CBA Students, satisfaction of needs and socialization leads to address the question; how technological development affects the behavior/ attitude of the students.



This study is conducted to find the factors that influence the behavioral attitude of the students towards technology.
Specifically, this study seeks to answer the following questions:

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the technologies to the student?
2. How these new technologies affect the behavior of the students in terms of?
a. Socialization
b. Self-esteem
c. School performance


In order to statistically determine what the situation was with respect to the questions asked in the present research, the following hypotheses were advanced:

a) There is a statistically significant relationship between students’ attitudes toward technology.

b) There is a statistically significant disadvantage in terms of usage of technology by the CBA students.

c) Technology positively affects the nature of learning of the students.

The main goal of the present research was to explore the attitudes of CBA students toward technology; also, to establish the factors that influence such attitudes and to determine the advantages and disadvantages of technology to the students.
Furthermore, this study is important to know the proper use of technology, especially the do’s and dont’s. This study could serve as a guideline of the future researchers for they could use the findings of this study as reference.


The relationship between humans and technology has definitely come to assume a central place within the social sciences, applied sciences, education, business and industry.

The purpose of this study was to examine the attitudinal impact that technology, in particular computer driven technology, has had and continues to have on students. The study describes the usage of communication and modern technologies and their impact to various individuals. CBA students were selected as subjects for this study primarily because the topic is all about the behavioral attitude of the students towards technology.

It was limited to the...

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