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Conflict Within Religion Essay

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Motivation Theories And Factors
Kayla Mason
PSY 302: I/O Psychology
Professor Donna Dimattio-Gibson
July 20, 2014
Ashford University

Running Head: Motivation Theories 2

Motivation Theories And Factors

There are many ways that an employer can motivate his or her employees. The first way to motivate employees, and one that I find the most important, is to strengthen communication between employees and employers. I feel that employee communication is lacking within many companies, especially larger ones that have an immense amount of employees. If an employee feels that there is a communication channel open with managers, bosses and employers that employee will be more motivated to perform efficiently and if any worries or concerns do occur, the employee knows whatever issue they may have will be solved. The second way to motivate ...view middle of the document...

My personal strategy to enhance motivation within my workplace is a very simple one. In order to motivate myself to do anything, I always pick rewards for tasks that I have completed. If I clean these two rooms then I reward myself with a break, or whatever I feel I need at the time. While this reward system requires self-control and patience, I don’t think it would be too beneficial for companies. The theory that most applies to my work situation is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. I believe in the theory that in order to fulfill your psychological needs, you then strive to fulfill safety, or the need for emotional security and physical security. I believe it is so easy for me to fulfill my ultimate goals within my job because I have already passed through the basic needs of Maslow’s theory, and I am striving towards “one’s full potential”. This may not apply to my overall life but it does apply to my job.
The two theories that I will talk about will be Maslow’s theory and McClelland's Needs Theory. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs consists of five levels of needs. These needs are: psychiological, safety, belonging, esteem and self-actualization. “Maslow emphasized the importance of fulfilling each level of needs sequentially. According to his theory, a given level of needs will not motivate a person's behavior until the needs from preceding levels have been met. For example, people will not be motivated to meet their needs to belong (level 3) until they have met their basic physiological and safety needs (levels 1 and 2, respectively). Moreover, Maslow argued that once a need has been satisfied, it ceases to be motivating. Further motivation requires moving to the next level in the motivational hierarchy” (Youseff, 2012).

There are both pros and cons when talking about financial incentives within the workplace. Sometimes when employers pay employees based upon performance, that employee is discouraging teamwork within the company. An employee who is paid based upon performance may also expect to be paid daily for his or her efforts.

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