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Conflict Theory Essay

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Vernetta Hilliard
Outline summary

The Bombing of the 16th Street Baptiste Church

General Purpose: To inform my audience about the bombing of the 16th street Baptiste church.

Specific Purpose: The tragedy of the bombing of the church, and how it helped change history.

Thesis Statement: The bombing of the 16th street Baptiste church was one of America’s most horrific tragedies.


“Auntie can I borrow your compact, brush, and a quarter?” Those were the last words of a little girl 12 years old who died in the bombing of the 16th street Baptiste Church. She was one of four little girls who died that day, Denise McNair, Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, ...view middle of the document...

It was chosen because of its size and location.
2. In the early days of the church many noted African Americans W.E.B DuBois, Paul Robeson, Mary McLeod Bethune spoke there to name a few.
C. The church was a rallying site for the civil rights movement in Alabama
1. Meetings were held at the church to plan marches, sit ins,

Transition: Due to the church being such an important place in the civil right movement, it was targeted by the KKK.

II. After the desegregation agreement of 1963, the peaceful summer ended when the federal courts ordered integration of the public schools.
A. On Sunday September 15, 1963, the church was bombed.
1. Four little girls lost their lives, Denise McNair 11 yrs. old, Addie Mae Collins 14yrs old, Cynthia Wesley 14 yrs. old, and Carole Robertson 14yrs old.
2. The bomb was placed outside the basement window of the church.
3. Per Carolyn Mckinstry, African American author and retired telecommunications professional, they were all in the restroom in the basement of the church preparing for Sunday services.
4. L Joiner, renowned author and journalist interviewed Carolyn Mckinstry, who was then the 15 yrs. old Sunday school secretary who answered the phone just seconds before the bombing.
B. It was Panic everywhere as people searched for their family.
1. Denise McNair’s mother had not made it to the church yet.
2. She sent her daughter ahead so she could...

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