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Conflict Paper Of How Things Happen In To Kill A Mooking Bird

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Conflict Paper Jem Almost Shot By Boo B level Daniel Fohs

I will start at where Jem, Scout, and Dill are approaching Boo Radley’s house.
The house was extremely dark. It looked as if death was living on the inside. Shingles were falling off, the paint on the sides of the house was peeling off, and the whispering wind hushed danger.
“Jem, I’m scared.” Scout said,
“Aw, hush up now you don’t want him to hear us or he’ll put a beat’n on us. Come on now.”
We moved closer to the house to see if we could get a glimpse of what Boo looked like. Step by step we moved toward the house and crouched at the gate.
“Spit on the hinges.” “tiwph, tiwph tiwph, tiwph.” They spit. ...view middle of the document...

I saw a messy room with the clutter of paper everywhere. Mice ran across the floor. There was a torn up couch, and a broken lamp sat cluttered in the dank room. I saw no one in the house.
“GASP!” Scout burst. I looked on the wall to my right and saw a shadow of a grown man towering over me. I quickly huddled into a ball and laid there with no movement. I peeked up and saw the shadow move away. We all split like a pack of wolves. Dill and Scout slipped under the gate. I followed their lead and went under the gate. “Ugh, Ugh.” I was stuck. The gate hooked me in the rear. “SCOUT!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. She ran back and took my pants and I slid under the gate with my pants still hooked. We ran ‘till we couldn’t run no more and we jumped behind a bush.
“Scout I have to go back and get my pants.”
“No Jem don’t, wait a second,” said Scout.
“I’ll be back, don’t worry.”
I ran back to the gate a quietly unhooked the pants. All of a sudden a man runs out Boo’s door with a gun, and shoots at the ground. In a flash I went. Running like no tomorrow , I slid into the tree where Dill and Scout were. “Phew”, a sigh of relief. I slipped my pants on and ran to the street. Everyone came out of their houses with fear. All of the neighborhood adults, including Atticus, Miss Maudie, and Miss Stephanie Crawford were outside. As we all ran, Miss Maudie explained to everyone that Boo Shot at a Negro sneaking in his yard. As everyone was relived, Scout and I looked at each other with guilt. Atticus took us inside and put us to bed, as everyone else returned to their homes. I lay there in my bed, struck with fear as I had just witnessed my life flash before my eyes.

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