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Conflict Management Plan Essay

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Conflict Management Plan
December 2, 2012
Nora Navarrete


This paper answers the following questions about conflict management plan. There is a conflict between two employees, James and David that needs to be addressed before forming work teams. The following answers what conflict resolution techniques are the best for this situation and how roadblocks are handled if they occur. There is always going to be conflict in the workplace, but the best solution to conflict is what is best for the business and what makes it successful.

1. Which of the available conflict ...view middle of the document...

If the collaborating technique would not work for this situation, the best secondary technique would be the compromising technique. The compromising technique has both parties surrender their position to reach a mutually acceptable solution. If David and James were not able to come up with a resolution in the collaborating technique by understanding each other, then they would have to agree to not do what they are currently doing to cause the conflict and focus on the success of the company. They would have to compromise and believe that each one of them is not out to cause conflicts amongst each other. David and James could use the compromising technique to come up with a solution and have an effective working relationship as long as they focus on the success of the business.

3. What potential road blocks might be encountered in resolving the conflict? How would you address these? Your response should be at least 100 words.

There are always some roadblocks that could occur while dealing with conflict. David could think that James is lying about not doing things intentionally to make his job harder and James could think that David is lying about not spreading rumors about him. The best way to handle this type of roadblock would be to have a mediator that would listen to each of their stories first and then bring them together to develop a solution. Using third party and is not bias is always a good way to find a solution when the conflict is between two individuals that have assumption of what the other one is doing. In the compromising technique, a roadblock could be that there is not an acceptable agreement that both parties can agree on. If this roadblock occurs, then a manager would have to step in a provide guidelines to each of the employees so that the other one knows they are not intentionally doing things to harm them. Most of the time if the two employees have mutual respect for each other they can agree on a...

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