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Conflict In Tv Essay

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My Mediated Communication
Jennifer Collier
COM 200
May 30, 2016
Karen Bisset

My Mediated Communication
Computer-Mediated-Communication (CMC) is a huge part of most everyone’s life. And today’s world majority of people use some form of digital communication including e-mail and private messaging like on Facebook. For this assignment I logged my CMC chart on my day off from work but I still use my computer and cellphone quite a bit. Even though CMC is a big part of our lives, people should understand how verbal and non-verbal communication are effected by CMC because there can be miscommunications and can lack emotion
On the day I recorded my communication. I was on my phone ...view middle of the document...

There was a lot of verbal communication illustrated with the conversation with my mom. We used informal language and slang during our conversation. According to Bevan & Sole (2014) “Culture is passed down from generation to generation in multiple verbal forms: through spoken stories or oral histories, by writing down old family recipes, and via poetry, literature, and song” (Chapter 4.1, para. 16). I can easily communicate with my mom because we share the same culture and lived in the same area so are dialects of our similar. The textbook has some great advice on how to improve CMC. Mediated channels are always changing and new ones are being created. According to Bevan & Sole (2014), we have been adapting our communication as new channels are being created. Since people have more channels to communicate this allows more opportunity to interact with other people (Chap 4.4, para 10).
In conclusion, I really enjoyed this assignment. I am glad I got to see just how much time and spending communicating on my phone and computer. I am more aware of my strengths and weaknesses in communicating on mediated channels but I will continue to improve my communications skills. Even with miscommunications and lack of the motion CMC will be a big part of our lives.

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