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Conflict In Organizations Essay

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It may also mean that they are required to develop new skills outside their normal work routines. As a result of this, conflict may arise between workers and managers or among workers themselves.

Another reason for conflict is inadequate communication. One major causes of conflict is the failure to share ideas and feelings (Kumah 2012). During such a scenario individual employees can misinterpret what the other person is saying. They may begin to fabricate negative ideas that may not even exist.
Conflict can also be as a result of a difference in personal values or attitudes. As individuals our values are of great importance. If someone makes an attempt to challenge our values it is natural to defend what we stand for and believe in. Serious conflicts arise when people hold incompatible values or when values are not clear. Conflicts also arise when one party refuses to accept the fact that the other party holds something as a value rather than a preference (Joseph 2012).

Arguments for Conflict
Most people in or out of an organization would associate conflict with the negative. However conflict can be a good thing. Due to event throughout history we often think of the word conflict only as something that is bad.  But the truth is that conflict can be a very good and helpful thing (Hinkley 2009). For instance, we can describe conflict as being good in an organization in the sense that it opens doors to solve the problems that an organization faces. It determines issues that need clearing up and pinpoints certain weaknesses the organization may have. Conflict provides a platform by which employees and managers can explore various ideas to improve effectiveness and efficiency without resulting in conflict. By hearing conflicting sides, people within the organization may think more carefully about the issues and make better decisions (Penn 2007). Besides that, conflict creates opportunity and encourages people to grow. Being able to handle conflict is a first-class sign of maturity.

Conflict also helps to give a better understand of each individual within the organization. Conflicts allow you to see how your employees react to problems and help you spot personality traits (Ellyn n.d). For a manager conflict can be helpful in recognizing the personalities of the employees. Employees can be categorized into bullies, complainers, leaders, problem slovers or even quitters. From here on a manager can be able to determine which employees are eligible for promotions or those that need to be done away with.

Conflict avoidance is prevalent in East Asian cultures, which are neither collaborative nor competitive. This leads to forbearance and the suppression of personal goals in pursuit of a harmonious relationship (Leung 2008). Some employees are ambitious and are determined to become great at their place of work. They have the need to strive for success. For such employees conflict works to their advantage. It motivates them to reach...

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