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Conflict In Glory Essay

1130 words - 5 pages

AUGUST 11, 2011

Biblical Background
Antithesis Examination
God-ward Perspective

In this report, I will examine an example where conflict is the substance of the text within
the Bible. I will discuss how the story unfolds and demonstrate the antithesis between the
children of God and the children of Man. Antithesis is defined as “contrast or opposition.”1 I
will also discuss ...view middle of the document...

(accessed July 31, 2013).
2 Unknown, The Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible: King James Version, Vol. 2, 2nd Ed. (Chattanooga:
Leadership Ministries Worldwide, 2007) 371.
3 Ibid.

vision, his base was too far away to successful complete that task. Paul also had a personal
desire to visit Rome, as his goal was to evangelize the entire world.
Reaching Rome was of particular importance for Paul, because the church at Rome was a
very strong church. “Rome was a lay church…a writer of the fourth century said that some
Roman citizens had embraced the faith of Christ…without any sign of mighty works or any of
the apostles; Rome had a worldwide reputation…its faith was strong (Romans 1:8; [KJV]);
Rome was a Gentile church that respected the Jews because Christianity had come from Jewish
roots; the Roman church was persecuted seven years after Paul wrote the letter to the believers;
and finally, Rome was a triumphant church that was not ashamed of its life and witness.”4
Antithesis Examination
The situation of antithesis has been set up in verse twenty-two by the use of the word
fruit. The full background involves the very premise of Romans, the gospel is God’s power unto
salvation (Romans 1:16; [KJV]). In addition, man cannot merit or earn his salvation (Romans
4:1-10; [KJV]). In reviewing this antithesis example, we should consider a key word and that
word is wages. This seems to relate to the amount of pay based on the amount of work. In the
case of Romans 6:23, the pay based on the amount of work, sin, is, death. Death involves
everlasting punishment in hell. Sin pays and it pays according to the rendered work.
As an antithesis to wages, Paul uses the word gift. Gift in this sense is grace. While
humbled obedience is required, such submission does not constitute meriting eternal life. God’s
gift of grace is not something that we receive proportionate to our works, because all men, even
4 Unknown, The Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible: King James Version, Vol. 2, 2nd Ed. (Chattanooga:
Leadership Ministries Worldwide, 2007) 372.

Christians sin. Without the intervention of God’s grace, all would be doomed to hell. Based on
biblical teaching we have earned hell, but not...

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