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Conflict In Global Business Essay

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In today’s world, more companies are selling their products globally in an effort to increase their revenue. For example, Johnson and Johnson whose domestic market is in USA now generate more revenue globally than its domestic revenue. The increase in its global business revenue has lead the company building factories strategically in different part of the world so that it will be able to streamline its logistic reaching target market. This can be said to many companies increasing their global business by building plants in other countries away from their local market especially in an undeveloped countries that are poor and corruption are high. All these factories that are been built ...view middle of the document...

2013). Culture has also been shown to explain differences in ethical perception (Kim and Kim 2010), ethical attitudes and behaviors (Lam and Shi2008), and ethical sensitivity (Chan and Cheung2012). The impact of culture on business ethics is so deep and widespread, that some authors argue that the need to include non Western, developing country perspectives in ethical management research has become an ethical imperative by itself (Kim and Kim2010)”. Nigeria is one of the most populous country in the world with oil export has its largest government revenue, yet the corruption in the country is a standard operation that is the norm as its citizens practice this unethical act. The concern of each citizen in a high corruption rate country is how to feed themselves and their family. One cannot go a day in such countries without paying some kind of bribery, because it is a standard operation or norm. What is good for everybody in such a country where bribery is a daily way of life? Could it be ethical in using Utilitarianism ethical theory which brings about the greatest good for the greatest number of people? The culture in a country such as Nigeria is different from a culture such as USA one do not need bribery to survive. Bribery is practice in most day to day operations in Nigeria where its citizen needs the money because of low wages paid to employees. Utilitarianism theory perhaps maybe the greatest good for its citizens in regards to survival that is what is good for the most to make a living to survive for themselves and family. This is why a manger in Nigeria may be willing to pay out bribery and name the transaction some kind of a creating accounting name where as its counterpart perhaps in the USA will never practice the unethical act which is the cultural differences global business manager faces in today’s global business
The ethical issues global business managers are faced with such as a manager in Nigeria and USA creates cross cultural...

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