Conflict Diamonds And The Kimberley Process

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Discussion Case: The Challenges of Globalization


A symbol of prestige and love around the world has caused horrific violence across the diamond-rich nations of Africa. Diamonds, the hardest and most powerful substance known to man, are mined or stolen to fund armed conflict by rebel groups seeking to overthrow West African governments. During the 1990s diamonds obtained by rebel groups, conflict diamonds, made up twenty percent of the diamond market. After a decade long battle, the diamond industry, national governments and civil organizations collaborated to combat the illicit trade of conflict diamonds with the Kimberley Process.

Sector Interest

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Collaborative Partnership for Problem Solving

The major sectors in this case concerned with conflict diamonds could not have resolved the issue unilaterally because of individual weaknesses. Experts agree, that each sector has unique resources and competencies that can be exploited through collaborative partnerships to overcome the weakness of another. Through the Kimberley Process the diamond industry, national governments, and nongovernment organizations utilized each other’s resources to overcome individual weaknesses. The diamond industry in this case, wished to use its resources to implement a certification system but lacked authority and credibility. To resolve the issue, national governments exercised their abilities to enforce regulation, while nongovernment organizations offered credibility in certifying diamonds as conflict-free.

Kimberley Process Weaknesses

The Kimberley Process is not without weaknesses that can be exploited by those seeking to continue trading conflict diamonds. For instance, countries like Zimbabwe might remain a member of the Kimberley Process despite aiding rebels. Also, the absence of regulation in the diamond cutting and polishing industry allows conflict diamonds to circumvent the Kimberley Process and enter the market. Just as the certification system could not be resolved unilaterally, these issues also require the collaboration of all major sectors.


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