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Conflict Diagnosis In The News Essay

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Conflict Diagnosis in the News—North Korea’s Nuclear Missile Launch

There are so many conflicting battles occurring in the world today that it is hard to keep up with all of them. Whether it deals with local, state or even national, conflict exists everywhere, it’s a part of everyone’s daily life.  The resolutions are not always clear and it depends on whether a formal form of mediation is used as to whether or not the public will hear of the resolution that came to pass from the conflict.
North Korea has been issuing near-daily threats against the United States and South Korea, and sometimes at United States forces in the Pacific. The North has given several warnings about carrying ...view middle of the document...

From these accusations, it is plausible to say that there may be some definite perceptual distortion occurring on the North’s end due to previous interactions and events. “Unfortunately, perceptual distortion is a natural side effect of being in a conflict and a major force preventing effective conflict resolution. It blinds disputants and their advocates from reality and prevents them from selecting optimal strategies and processes for resolving conflict” (Coltri, pp. 16, 2010).
According to social and organizational psychologist Morton Deutsch, conflict can be seen by people as either cooperative or competitive. Therefore, conflict escalation can lead to that perceptual error in which North Korea has evidently decided to compete. Deutsch was able to summarize that the process of conflict escalation creates four predictable distortions of perception which are:
* An overemphasis on the contrient elements of the relationship
* An exaggerated belief in the dissimilarity and moral deficiency of the other disputant
* An unwarranted blaming of the other disputant for impasses and other impediments to resolving the conflict
* An underestimate of the likely effectiveness of cooperative processes in resolving or managing the conflict (Coltri, pp. 22, 2010).
It is unfortunate that much conflict has continued to arise with the North since 2006 when they set off their first nuclear missile launch. The most recent one, and largest of the three, took place in February two months after the North launched a rocket that put its first satellite into orbit. The United States and its allies said that the rocket launching was a cover for North Korea to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles that could reach North America. The United Nations Security Council condemned the launching as a violation of resolutions that barred the North from testing technology used for ballistic missiles, and adopted tightened sanctions against the country (The New York Times, 2013). This article provides a nuclear tests and detonations photograph of North Korea’s launches and how they have progressed each time:
From the launch in 2009, the Obama administration adopted a policy of “strategic patience” in which direct negotiations or any offers to aiding Pyongyang would be withheld unless the North Korea leadership agreed to show “positive, constructive behavior” and a willingness to negotiate over the dismantling of its nuclear weapons program (The New York Times, 2013). It is clear that the openness and projected effort to come to terms with North Korea has been set in place over the last several years, but this agreement has not much impacted Kim Jong-il and his son on their nuclear development program. The reason behind all this stirred conflict is largely impart to the United States placing sanctions on North Korea that have severely squeezed but not crippled their economy. In March of this year, “the United Nations Office for the Coordination...

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