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Conflict Changes People For The Better

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Conflicts can be well known, or hidden from society, can be huge historical occurrences, or can be small and unseen. No matter the scale of the conflicts that occur in our world, people, whether directly involved or not, are always changed for the better. A famous example of how conflict changed people occurred in World War Two, where the Japanese soldiers captured many women and children from Singapore. This historical happening of the Second World War has been captured through the art of film by Bruce Beresford. The film, ‘Paradise Road’ told the historical story of these women, whose growth through experiences of conflict changed them for the ...view middle of the document...

The women banded together, and through their experiences of hardships and conflict were able to grow in order to survive the brutality they faced.
In the early years of her life, Oprah Winfrey once faced great conflict which she then used to become one of the world’s most influential women of our time. Oprah was not born into a rich family with lots of wealth, but rather a family of poor money history. Her mother looked after her and her siblings alone as her father had left to live in Nashville, Tennessee. With the help of her grandmother, Oprah was taught to read and help out around the house. Due to the financial hardships her family faced, her mother and grandmother were forced to send her to school in dresses made from potato sacks. At age six, Oprah was sent to live in Nashville, Tennessee with her father. Here she was brutally molested not only by her cousin, but her uncle, and his best friend. These horrible experiences lead her to become pregnant, the baby however died shortly after birth. With the help of such adversity’s Oprah worked all the way up to hosting her very own TV talk show. Despite criticisms that it would not be a hit, Oprah continued to make the show anyway, eventually being able to create her own magazine and TV channel. The conflict this amazing woman once faced, fuelled her in finding her potential for greatness, allowing her to find her true self and become the powerful woman she is today.

Sir Edward ‘Weary’ Dunlop used the conflict he found himself in to become a man whose ability to self-sacrifice saved the lives of many. Sir Edward enlisted himself into the Second World War and was sent to Java, Indonesia. Whilst he was here, the Japanese had attacked the island and captured the town where Weary was living. Sir Edward was the commander of his fellow captured men as well as the doctor who would patch the men up after hours of labour. Instead of leaving men to die, Weary’s self-sacrifice lead him to save many lives, even if it was at the expense of his own. In the film, ‘Paradise Road’, the character of Wing, a Chinese woman in the camp, showed great self-sacrifice when she went out of her way to get the...

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