Conflict And Peace Making Essay

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Conflict versus Peacemaking in the School Systems

War versus Peace
War and peace, people have heard this phrase from such things as movies, marriages, sports figures and owners, union workers and employers. Because conflict generally involves two or more parties, each person tries to find the balance between the conflict and the solution in order to find the peace he or she seeks. There is a fine line between conflict and peace. For individuals looking to find peace sometimes it takes a conflict to open his or her eyes to a solution for the problem.
What is a conflict?
For there to be a conflict there has to be some type of situation that each party does not agree upon. This ...view middle of the document...

According to Batiuk (2004), “Safe School Initiative indicates that from 1993 to 1997, the odds that a child in grades 9-12 would be threatened or injured with a weapon in school were 8 percent, or 1 in 13 or 14; the odds of getting into a physical fight at school were 15 percent, or 1 in 7" (para. 1). This presents a problem for the authority figures within the school system to find a way to resolve this type of conflict to protect the students and the faculty.
Analyze the Conflict
It is important to find a solution to the problem, which starts with analyzing the reasons for the conflict. Studying the patterns of the students and where the violence begins is pertinent to finding a resolution to the conflict. Students, who felt bullied, ignored, or made fun of, are at the top of the list of individuals that feel excluded. This is a significant pattern to the reasons for increased violence in the school systems today (Batiuk, 2004). Teachers should be equipped with knowledge of different patterns to look for while the students are in the classroom.
Conflict Resolution
Educational programs are being taught in the educational system to help prevent the violence in the school systems. Education on the patterns can help relieve the mistrust that young people feel today. If these programs can be taught to the children in their early years it may help to eliminate the different issues relating to bullying, hatred, mistrust, and violence within the classrooms (Batiuk, 2004).
It is important for people to understand what causes conflict and how to achieve a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Reviewing different types of groups within the school is considered a first step. Understanding why the...

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