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Configuring Network Connections Essay

652 words - 3 pages

Configuring Network Connections
Mr. Moses
14 July 2016

Lab 3 worksheet

Exercise 3.1 | Using the Network and Sharing Center |
Overview | On a Windows 7 computer, the Network and Sharing Center provides access to most of the operating system’s networking tools and configuration parameters. In Exercise 3.1, you examine the current Sharing and Discovery settings on one of the computers that will become part of the lab network. |
Completion time | 10 minutes |

8. In Table 3-1, note the current state of the advanced Sharing and Discovery settings.
Setting | Value |
Network Discovery | Off |
File and printer sharing | Off |
Public folder sharing | Off |
Media streaming | Off |
File sharing connections | Use 128-bit encryption to help protect file sharing connections (recommended) |
Table ...view middle of the document...


Exercise 3.3 | Manually Configuring TCP/IP |
Overview | Because the lab network you are constructing for Contoso, Ltd. must be isolated from the production network, you do not want lab computers to obtain their TCP/IP settings from the DHCP servers on the production network. Therefore in Exercise 3.3 you manually configure the TCP/IP client to use static IP addresses. |
Completion time | 15 minutes |

3. Using the information in the IPconfig.exe display, note your workstations current TCP/IP configuration settings in Table 3-2.
TCP/IP Setting | Value |
IPv4 Address | |
Subnet Mask | |
Default Gateway | fe80::aeec:80ff:fe0e:2d17%11 |
DNS Servers | |
Table 3-2

Exercise 3.5 | Netwoking |
Overview | In order to better understand the layout of the Contoso, Ltd. Network, you decide to refresh your networking skills. Fill out the chart below using Rings of Saturn subnetting site: |
Completion time | 15 minutes |

IP Address | Subnet Mask | Network Address | Host Address | CIDR | | | | .1 | /24 | | | | | /8 | | | | 1.1 | /16 | | | | .35 | /24 | | | | 10.1.5 | /8 | | | | 5.6 | /16 | | | | 25.5.1 | /8 | | | | 12.3.1 | /8 | | | | .4 | /24 | | | | .5.4 | /16 | | | | .2 | /24 | | | | .63 | /24 | | | | .32.1 | /16 | | | | .4.2.1 | /8 | | | | .199.5 | /16 |

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