Confidence And Self Esteem Essay

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How to Acquire Confidence and Self-Esteem
In matters relating to the mind, not everything can be subjected to scientific examination. Self esteem and confidence are about having a belief, a faith in our own ability confidence is a trait that is discovered, developed and then shared with others. It’s the greatest damage a person can do to himself to feel inferior before any man. You should always bear in mind that no one can look down on you without your permission. Self-esteem is about how you value and appreciate yourself and this value can be recognized to our self image. However confidence is not about thinking that you are in any way better than others. It is a belief in your ...view middle of the document...

Self image is the inner picture you have of yourself, from self image we have self-esteem, which is how you feel about yourself. Then we have ‘self-respect’ which describes how you treat yourself. The sum total of all three of these is confidence.
Your self-image will always control your behavior; you will never attempt to get anything that you feel the person inside you is not qualified to get. "The eyes of others our prisons; their thoughts our cages," Virginia Woolf once wrote. It's up to us to escape with our self-esteem intact. If we don't, we and our daughters will remain hostage to our culture's belittling messages. Here is a 3 step guide that will help you acquire confidence and self-esteem.
Step 1: Think Twice 
Pick a day and write down all the negative things you say to yourself about your body. For example, "I'm so fat, I'm disgusting," or "Why can't I look like I did ten years ago?" Then challenge each thought with three questions: Does the thought contribute to your stress? (Surely the ones above do.) Where does it come from? When you were young, did your father say, "Aren't you getting a little pudgy?" Was your mother obese, and did that embarrass you? Was she hyper about her weight and self-critical when it crept up? Are you bombarded with images of women on TV and in movies who never seem to age? Is your thought a logical one?
Okay, it may be accurate to say that you weigh more than is healthy for you, or more than you'd like. What about the emotional tags—disgusting, unlovable, old? Some people concentrate on hating their...

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