Conducting Business In Germany Essay

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Conducting Business in Germany

October 15, 2013

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Management Structure 3
Management Style 4
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Presentations 5
Meetings 5
Business Attire 6
Entertaining 6
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Germany is one of the world’s largest economies and has a leading position in manufacturing and production. In Germany, greater attention is paid to academic, technical education and its value to business world. Knowing how to conduct business properly in Germany is an important key ...view middle of the document...

With this type of approach everyone knows what is expected of them and they have clearly identifiable goals (Business Culture in Germany, 2013).

Management Style
Germans are more formal in their management than the US because of their formal management hierarchy. Sixty percent of top managers in German engineering and manufacturing companies have doctorate degree that they worked hard for and they will let you know it (World Business Culture, 2013). They want the people to know about their degree and that it was not easy for them to get. The younger the mangers are, the more they have to be conscious of formality especially when dealing with senior managers. There are disagreements between and in management but it is never seen in public. When there is a disagreement it will be discussed behind closed doors in private. Responsibilities are delegated by the manager to team members who are technically competent to carry out their assigned task. In return team members expect to be left to alone to perform their work/task without interference or supervision (World Business Culture, 2013).

Germans are very direct in their communications. They will put the truth and directness first; they will not try to be diplomatic when dealing with the facts and feel that personal feeling and emotions should play not part in speaking the truth. Their directness can come off as being rude but one must understand that speaking directly in Germany is a sign of respect and is part of finding the correct answer to fixing an issue or problem (World Business Culture, 2013).
Their direct communication style can lead one to think that German businessmen are arrogant, but again it’s a misinterpretation of direct speech. Germans tend to place a divide between public and private life. Their public life is their business side and it is free of emotions.
Much is made of the lack of humor in Germany. Germans do have a sense of humor, but in Germany there is a time and a place for humor. They feel that when doing business there is no place for humor especially during business meetings or discussions. The more serious a situation, the more serious the Germans are. Remember that humor does not always translate successfully, what might be funny in one culture can come across as nonsense in another.

When giving presentations the Germans expect it to be supported with specific data and details. They require more detail in their presentations than required in the US or the UK. If your presentation or brief is lacking supporting detail it can severely weaken your credibility or your argument (World Business Culture, 2013).

When conducting business in Germany one must remember to always be on time.
To the Germans punctuality is a serious issue. In Germany, businessmen work hard and plan out their time very carefully. With one showing up late to a meeting it shows a lack of etiquette and disrespect to them (Doing Business...

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