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Condoms In High School Essay

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Condoms in High School

Condoms in High School
The debate on whether or not middle and high school students should be taught sex education has been going on for years. A new poll (NPR, the Kaiser Family Foundation, and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, 2011 p.1) finds only seven percent of Americans say sex education should not be taught in schools. According to research, several reasons exist for not allowing students to be given condoms in school. However, for the purpose of this essay, the writer will investigate the following: (1) Pregnancies; (2) Disease; (3) Education, and (4) Money. All of these are great reasons condoms should be offered to any middle or high school student ...view middle of the document...

With open minds teens may feel more comfortable talking to their parents or a trusted adult about sex. “Keeping children in ignorance about sex will not stop them from having sex, but it will mean that the sex they have is riskier, resulting in unplanned pregnancies, abortions and sexually transmitted infections. Condoms, while not perfect, are widely recommended for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. They have been shown to be effective in reducing infection rates in both men and women. So it is important to make the idea of safe sex more attractive to these teenagers to prevent sexually transmitted infections and for teens to get pregnant. This is why at schools teenagers should be told and encouraged to use condoms if they are going to have sex.” (Perozo, 2009, p.1) Living a life of abstinence is a lot more meaningful, but we as a country have to start looking at it from health views and not religious views.
Lastly, the fourth reason is money. There will be a decrease in the amount of money used on unwanted and unplanned teen pregnancies. Also a decrease in the amount of money used to have abortions. You can anticipate an average hospital bill of $5,000-$10,000 for a vaginal delivery. Add at least $2,000 if you need a C-section. These bills do not include the medical costs associated with nine months of prenatal visits, ultrasound costs and other lab costs. If your baby is born premature or with health problems, neonatal costs can range from a few thousand for a short stay to more than $200,000 if you baby is born more than 15 weeks early. (Gallup, 2011, p1) Not only is it expensive to just have a baby you have to consider the costs for the rest of their lives. The cost of an abortion can be between $350 and $550. (Head, 2011,...

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