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Dangers of Football

Using the research of Juliet Macur, Barry Wilner, Dr. Robert Graham and Melanie Stout of TMJ4 news, I observed and analyzed concussions amongst American football. In the past, head injuries amongst football have been known to be looked over and not taken serious. Based on what I’ve found, players who did not tend to their injuries suffered serious health issues later on in their careers. Cases about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, dementia and etc. amongst former players are a lot more common. Tragic reports about former players committing suicide, as well as incidents amongst the youth.

Dangers of Football

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Rayfield had fulfilled the biggest dream and milestone of his life by making his first NFL start. In that same game, his first NFL start, Rayfield took a devastating blow to the head by Los Angeles Rams Deacon Jones. “It was as if I’d just been hit in the head with a baseball bat.” Rayfield stated in a New York Times article written by Juliet Macur (2014). It took Wright almost 40 years until he realized that he had sustained a concussion in his first NFL start. How did he go so long without realizing? Players tend to let injuries pass them by; they try act as if an incident never happened. Why do players avoid admitting when something serious is wrong with them? “I don’t want people to look at me any differently,” Rayfield stated. “When I’ve been at the top of the NFL, I don’t want people to know. I’m supposed to be tough and invincible. So if something’s wrong with me, I just try to hide it. Which is exactly what I did” (Macur 2014). “I can’t continue to avoid something that brings me constant pain such as headaches, dizziness, even forgetting where I’m at, at times” (Macur 2014). Wright said that he incurred so many concussions throughout his career that he couldn’t even count them. Why would a player let his brain take such damage like he did and then not even expect to have any health problems in the future? Wright stated that “sometimes, I walk into the kitchen and forget why I went there,” a few examples of what the effect of not tending to head injuries will do to a person in the long run. A person may not have sign of the effects right away, but according to Rayfield’s situation, it is known to catch up with you. Rayfield also explained, “I’ve gotten into several car accidents because of seizures. Totaled two cars. My memory is not good. There’s a big fight within myself” (Macur). Still devastated with the fact that was all happening to him, Wright was still shocked and terrified at the fact that he had been diagnosed with dementia. With the health issues that older players are dealing with as consequences for not treating their injuries and taking serious precautions in their playing days, younger players should be inspired to take their body’s and health more serious. Sources from CBC News explains why parents and players should take Concussions seriously. Committee chairman Dr. Robert Graham urged parents, schools and athletic departments and the public to treat concussions seriously so young athletes don’t hide their symptoms. “Players and etc. should always be aware and treat any signs of a concussion serious.” An article from The New York Times “Hard Knocks” (2010) “head injuries amongst football players are rising and the after-effects are more serious than ever before.” According to the article, University of Pennsylvania football player (Offensive Linemen) Owen Thomas started playing football when he was nine years old; according to his mother Kathy Brearley, “he loved to go into practice and hit really hard.” Over time those...

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