Conclusions Drawn From My Experiment On The Effect Of Enzyme Concentration On The Time Taken For A Reaction To Occur

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Conclusions drawn from My Experiment on the effect of Enzyme concentration on the time taken for a reaction to occurInterpretationMy graph shows a curved shape showing negative correlation. The results that I achieved were different to that of the classes. My results were on average higher than the class average results. For example at 1% concentration of urease solution our result was 1782 seconds for the reaction to occur while the class average result was 952 seconds. The graph tells us that when the concentration of urease increases the time the enzyme solution takes to completely react with all of the substrate decreases. The rate of reaction at 1% urease is a lot slower than the reaction that occurred at 5% urease, which was quite fast only taking 262 seconds. There is one anomaly in my results this was at 4% where it is quite a bit above the curve of best fit but other than that my results stuck pretty well to our curve of best fit.My results ...view middle of the document...

Our experiment went very well. I recorded my results as accurately as I could and put them into a table. Our results on average are higher than the class average results. I think this could be explained because I did not shake the solution about as much in the test tube, as our other classmates did so not give enzyme and substrate solutions such a good chance to mix properly and this would increase the time it took for them to react. Some of our class mates also held the test tube in there hands so giving the particles more kinetic energy so then there would be more successful enzyme substrate complexes making there reaction times quicker overall. At the start of the experiment when all the solutions where gathered together we might not of shook each of the solutions the same amount when I put them together to get the different concentrations of the solutions. This could also have been a factor why our experiments results where higher than the classes average results.ConclusionIn my results I had one anomaly and this was at 4% urease. It was a slower reaction time that the trend of our graph was predicting for that concentration level of urease in the solution. I think it was probably because I mite have of shaken the solution a different amount that the other concentrations so giving us this anomaly at 4% urease concentration. That was one of the problems with this experiment. Another one was we were not sure exactly when the green we where looking at was the green that signalled that it was the end of the experiment so we had to do a bit of guessing for the first couple of attempts. In this experiment also there was no control as at 0% concentration of enzymes in a solution, there would not be a reaction so there would be nothing to measure. If I was to do this experiment again I would do it myself and this would make my results better as I would be able to see what colour change that I am stopping it on and I would be measuring out the amount of solutions myself so would be happy that there would be no mistakes made I also would have repeated the experiment about ten times to make sure that the results will be accurate and reliable than those that were obtained

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