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Conceptualizing A Business Televerde Company Mission And Vision

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Conceptualizing a Business

In this paper I am going to discuss how Televerde as a company defines the organizations vision, mission, and vision and how that will affect the overall business goals. Televerde has been in business for fourteen years and had a slow start. In 1995 a man had been going into the women’s correctional facilities in Arizona with his church and met many intelligent and motivated women that had experienced challenges due to bad relationships or addictions. Eventually he realized this was a great opportunity to start a business and help the community as well. The business first ...view middle of the document...

We commit to providing solutions that create wisdom from data, embracing innovative technology and stimulating intellectual curiosity. Our passion is to exceed client expectations and create customer loyalty through continuous improvement.
• Core values;
o Win to the Power of 4
Our success is tied integrally with that of our clients, our employees and the communities in which we operate through business operations that result in a sustainable profit for all involved.
o Be Curious
Pursuit of learning helps us to grow and develop insight.
o Quality First
Set the bar at excellence and raise it incrementally from there.
o Embrace Uncertainty
The beauty of the world is that nothing is pre-determined; our involvement will positively impact the outcome.
o Step Up
Take personal responsibility for acting in the best interest of the customer, the company and our fellow employees at all times.
o People Matter
By taking a thoughtful approach to business interactions and human relationships we improve all that is around us.
o Encourage Innovation
We are a flexible, agile, passionate organization that seeks a better way to accomplish results.
The outcome does explain the organizational goals and ultimate desire to achieve many things through their business endeavors.
Televerde is now a B2B company that provides outsourced demand generation that works primarily with high tech companies in efforts to identify new customers, maintain current customers, close new business, increase sales, and identify usable actionable market intelligence. Additional services Televerde provides are; audience acquisition, long term, in depth reporting, sales support, direct sales, lead management, email blasts, direct mail pieces, webcast development, and close loop sales. Recently Televerde made a huge investment to implement new systems, which has turned out to be a bad decision considering the economy and the amount of cometion that has popped up over the past two years. Televerde’s vision, mission, and values stem from the services and clients they work with. The market and client needs seem to be changing as quickly as technology, and keeps Televerde...

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