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Conceptual Points Essay

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Chapter 3 Conceptual Points 1. Population of a country depends on two main factors. The birth and the death rate are the two main factors in population. If the number of people that die and the number of people that are born each year are close, the population will stay at a same rate and growth. Immigration also is a factor in population.2. Crude density also called arithmetic density: this is the total number of people divided by the total land area. This gives us a basic concept of how many people live in an area of land. Countries like China and India have a high crude density population 3. Generation X: this is a new concept that has risen in the past 10 years or so. People whom in their late teens and early twenties are considered part of generation X. These ...view middle of the document...

This rate is influenced by academic and economic situations of the women in a country.5. Crude death rate and life expectancy: Both of these concepts are linked. CDR is the number of deaths in a single year for every thousand people in a population. Life expectancy is how long a person can expect to live from birth to death. These two concepts can greatly increase or decrease the population if one of the other climbs or falls Empirical Concepts 1. Some facts and trends that we notice in population is that continents like Asia and Europe have greatly increased. Asia now has 3,637 million people. Europe now has 728 million people. Asia makes up 61% of the world population, which is a huge number. Europe makes up 13%. I was shocked to see that North America only makes up 5% of the world population 2. Baby boomers now make 20% of the population. These numbers will slowly decline and by the year 2040 there will only be 7% baby boomer population.3. The number of children born to a family depends greatly on the condition of a country. For example during the depression era from 1930-1935 59% of all women in the U.S. had 3 or more children. During the baby boomer era 1947-1953, 29% of women had 3 or more children. These are age 35-39 women.4. In a country the life expectancy can be affected greatly by economic and educational expectancy. Some people of different races in a country may have different life expectancies. Such as in the U.S., an infant born in 1996 who is an Anglo-American male can expect to live 73.9 years. An African American of the same birth can expect to live 66.1 years.5. Urban population: The urban population of the United States increased greatly from 1860-1920. The urban population is 1860 was 19.8% and in 1920 it was 51.2%. This was caused by industrialization of the cities and the large urban areas.

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