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Concept Paper: Discretion

525 words - 3 pages


Concept Paper: Discretion

Background: Discretion is the exercising of choice. Usually discretion involves a conscious, purposeful decision to disregard a directive, protocol, or normative behavior in favor of some alternative recourse deemed to be more appropriate to the current circumstance or condition. The exercise of discretion is fraught with risk, however. Deviation from direction may be construed as disrespect, disobedience, or worse. But a failure to identify the appropriate application of discretion may brand the leader as insensitive, unrealistic, or a martinet. The various elements and characters in the criminal justice system are replete with the opportunity (and the necessity) for the exercise of discretion, none more so than the law enforcement function. The role of the police administrator is doubly challenging, as he or she must ...view middle of the document...

For each situation, you will describe:

the situation, the controlling protocol, and the discretionary alternative(s)
the reasons supporting compliance with the controlling protocol
the justification for the exercise of discretion
the determination that discretion is appropriate/inappropriate, and why
In support of this project a minimum of two additional sources must be referenced in addition to textbook and course reading materials.


Grading of this project will be based on (1) comprehensiveness of the dilemma surrounding the exercise of discretion, (2) description of reasons for and against the exercise of discretion, and (3) clarity and efficiency of the writing. (Note: Assessment of the exercise of discretion is subjective. Therefore, you will not be graded on correct or incorrect choices, but rather on your ability to identify and articulate the basis for your decision.)

Review of this project will help the instructor determine your ability to:

communicate effectively across a wide variety of stakeholders
apply sound knowledge of administration, leadership, and organizational principles to a law enforcement agency
demonstrate the ability to apply appropriate discretion in decision making
Required Format:

· The submitted project must be a minimum of 3,000 words (approx. 7 pages), not including cover page and references page.

· The cover page should include the name and number of the course, the name of the student, title of the project and the date of submission.

· The composition narrative must be created using double spacing, 12 pt font, 1 inch margins.

· Resources, including course materials, must be cited both in the narrative where appropriate and on a separate references page, using APA citation rules.

· Projects should be submitted using the WebTycho Assignment Folder unless instructed otherwise.

· At the instructor’s discretion, this project may be submitted to Turnitin or other service for verification of originality.

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