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Concept Of Moderation In Islam Essay

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1. The US-led ’Crusade’ against Muslim countries is peaking everyday, posing the greatest challenge to Muslim Ummah and threatening its basic ideas, values and principles of life, leaving even its very existence with freedom, at stake. A two-pronged strategy is there, to paralyze and overpower Muslim resistance movements through military invasions and occupation of the Muslim lands at one hand, while on the other hand a systematic onslaught is underway to subdue Islam on ideological, cultural and educational fronts.
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2. The enemies of Islam, led by the Zionists, have been pulling almost all the governments and majority of people in ...view middle of the document...

Subsequently, the atrocities and ethnic cleansing against Muslims in Bosnia, the Chechen uprising, Kashmir freedom struggle and invigorated Palestinian Intifada, all erupted in the 90’s after the Soviet disintegration. To make matters worse the militancy sparked in Afghanistan which needed to be defused after the end of the Cold War, was allowed to fester for the whole decade of 90s. This festering wound of Afghanistan with fighters from the entire Muslim world existing within the period of upheaval in other Muslim nations turned multidirectional, looking for new conflict zones where Muslims were suffering.
4. We hear more often phrase, such as “global war against terrorism”. It proves that the menace is multi-faceted, multi-dimensional and not restricted to a particular country or nation. The scourge, its magnitude and severity is being witnessed in many parts of the world, especially in the Muslim countries such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Turkey. These countries are direct victims of most sophisticated acts of terrorism sponsored by extremist groups.
5. The brutal acts of terrorists have aroused serious concerns not only in these states but also all over the civilized world. Even the United States and the western countries, despite their superiority in technology, are not much safe from the menace.
6. There is no ideology involved in what the merchants of death and destruction are expounding and executing with so much vanity and pride. Infact, no sane Muslim can buy the argument through ideologues of terror and barbarity are advancing, to justify wholesale carnage of innocent people in the name of a confused and utopian thought. Bleeding and pitting a man against another man is a severely punishable crime as prescribed by our religion Islam and strictly prohibited in all the faiths and creeds.
7. Extremist outfits and networks of these savage acts are unfortunately found in the Muslim states. It is also a reality that in their so-called “holy war against infidels” the majority of the terrorists as well as victims is no other than Muslims leading to the unfortunate reality of Muslims as both, the perpetrators and sufferer of the crime. This has inevitably made non-Muslims believe, wrongfully, that Islam is a religion of intolerance, militancy and terrorism. This thesis is rapidly evolving across the globe: connecting Islam to fundamentalism, fundamentalism to extremism and extremism to terrorism. We can protest, however vigorously, against this labeling, but the reality is that such arguments are not likely to win this formidable battle of minds against us. To compound our apathy further, we are probably the poorest, most uneducated, most powerless and the most disunited in the world. At this critical juncture we need to enlighten all our Muslims societies that terrorism and its perpetrators are hurting more their fellow Muslims, their own compatriots than anybody else and that concerted endeavours should be made for...

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