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Concept Of Adaptation Essay

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Concept of Adaptation

Concept of Adaptation
Kimberly Johnson
Intro to Psychology

When we are given the word adaptation we look at the root word which is adapt. It means to make suitable to or to fit. So the word adaptation means the act or process of adapting. I will be conducting 3 experiments in which I will test weather my response is me adapting to the change or if I will not. The three experiments that I will be conducting are first I will test the temperatures of water and see how my sense of touch adapts to the change in temperature. Next I will test my since of taste. I will be tasting sugar water and I will see how my tongue adapts to it verses plain water. Last but not ...view middle of the document...

With the right hand this too did not change because it had already been submerged in cold water. So when it was placed in the Luke warm water I did not notice a difference and my hand had adapted to the temperature of the water.
My next experiment that I conducted is the taste test with the sugar water. I placed on the table 1 cup with sugar water and another cup with plain tap water. I took one sip of the sugar water and swooshed it around in my mouth. As I was swooshing it around in my mouth it tasted like Kool aid without the actual flavor. As I kept swooshing it the water became less and less sweet. After spitting out the sugar water, my mouth was a little moist. After I watch myself pour out the sugar water down the drain and pick up the cup with only tap water in it. My mind knew that it was just tap water but in the back of my mind I was still thinking about how the sugar water tasted. As I tasted the tap water it was only a slight trace of the sugar tasted. I was actually...

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