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Concept Of 3 Types Of Assessment

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1. Introduction

In this assignment, I am going to explore the concept of assessment and its role in the teaching and learning cycle and then finish by evaluating 3 types of assessment.

2. Theory

2.1 Assessment

What is an assessment? Alan Rogers (1994, p172) defines assessment as collection of data on which we base our evaluation. According to Reece and Walker (2008, p5) assessment consists of tests and observations that we, as tutor, use to determine how well the students has achieved the objectives. Geoff Petty (2004, p449) writes that “Assessment measures the breadth and depth of learning”. Assessments are used in all areas and domain of everyday life, whether formal or ...view middle of the document...

It allows me, as a tutor, to asses each student before enrolling. This is important because it ensures that the right students are enrolling on the right course. Over the years this method of assessment has ensured high class retention, evidence that my students are happy with their choice of course and learning.

2.3 Diagnostic Assessment

Diagnostic assessment attempts to discover the causes of students’ learning problems or weaknesses. If a student continues to perform badly diagnosis of the cause of the failure may point to ways to remedy it. According to Bruce Tuckman (1985, p300), “where proficiency has not been demonstrated, remedial instruction aimed directly at those deficiencies can be instituted. Evaluation can provide the kind of information that will make it possible to overcome the failure”.

Below is a list of some common methods of assessment used in teaching and training:
Multiple choice test Individual Project Case study report
Short answer test Video recording Diary/log
Essay Portfolio of evidence Self assessment
Assignment Interview Demonstration
Oral test/questioning Checklist Observation
Group project Presentation Investigation

2.4 Formative Assessment

Formative refers to ongoing assessments throughout the programme which are usually held in the classroom. It involves both the teacher and learner and measures and reviews the learners' progress towards their goal, and enables learners to get feedback to help them check their progress. It can be used to by the teacher to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching to date. This can be in the form of observations, questions and answers, and self-evaluations.
Black and William (1998), two professors from Kings College London, carried out a review and research on formative assessment. They found that the most effective formative strategies could easily upgrade students’ achievement easily by at least two grades or equivalent of up to two grades, and that it had the greatest effect on the weakest learners (cited in Petty 2004, p250).

2.5 Summative Assessment

Summative assessments are used to make judgements about a learners' final level of attainment. This event usually takes place formally at the end of a session of a course, such as a module, as well as at the end of a programme, which says whether or not the student have passed, or for certification purposes. It is used to see if a student has learned the material and is capable of going on to further study.

Summative assessment also can be used to judge the effectiveness of a teacher or a particular curriculum or programme. Whereas formative assessment provides a tentative judgement of teaching and learning, summation assessment, coming when teaching and learning, for a particular module are over, is a final judgement. (Ornstein 1996, p409).

2.6 Self Assessment

Mock exams allow me to check students learning. When teaching, I use mock exam as an initial preparation towards the final exam....

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