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Concept Essay

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Making a Dubstep song

A lot people have either heard a dubstep song or know of at least one. Some people like

them, but some don't. Hearing these songs I always wondered how hard is it to make one. It turns

out having free time, computer skills, and some rhythm are all you need, well some computer

First you'll need some great to get started. The first thing you need is a computer. A lot of

dubstep is the sound effects. You need a fast computer with a lot of memory. If you want a Mac,

make sure it has 1.8 GHz, with an Intel Processor 2-4 GB of RAM and is OSX 10.5 or later. If

you want a PC, make sure it has 2GHz Pentium or Celeron ...view middle of the document...

If you're at all interested in incorporating original found sounds or acoustic

elements and manipulating them in your dubstep music, a solid microphone is a good idea.

The next step is to learn about your equipment. Playing with the instruments you have on

your computer can be a good way to familiarize yourself with what you will be working with.

Always take the tour of any software you choose to install, it is always a big help. Next you

should create a music library. Libraries are a great resource to have on your computer, because

that's where you save samples and save songs you record.

After you get those steps completed start experimenting with drum beats. A lot of songs have

a steady snare accompanied with an occasional hi-hat. Next you should start adding wobbles or

effects. Wobbles are the catchy things people hear in the songs otherwise known as bass drops.

The final step is to make the song. Popular dubstep songs usually start with a soft rhythm and

usually some high pitched lyrics. As the intro comes to an end the lyrics tend to fade as you hear

the beat grow louder. The big part of a lot of songs is the bass drop. A brief moment if silence

maybe 1 or 2 seconds usually precedes the bass drop. After the bass drop a layered loop of a best

is added on top of the bass. Loop this for about 2 minutes and you have successfully created a

dubstep song. Here is a video me and my friends made 4 years ago.

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