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Concentration Camps Essay

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Concentration Camp
When you are going to a camp for school, with friends or with family, you think that you are going to have a tent with mate, or share a descent size cabin. You also think you will have food supplied by the owners of the camp or have food supplied by your parents. You’re also thinking to relax by the fire, and watch the stars at night. But in concentration camps, this does not happen! Instead of relaxing by the fire and watching the stars at night, you are watching Jewish children, women and men being cremated alive, believing in what they believe, being burnt to bits right through to the Jewish symbol of the star. I’m here to inform you about Concentration camps during ...view middle of the document...

Gypsies and homosexuals were also sent there to be killed. The area of the camp was enormously big with an area of 10km by 5km on farmland. The original Auschwitz camp was built in 1940, and was designated a work camp for Jews and prisoners so they could be kept under custody. The location of Auschwitz was chosen at that particular location because the railway links with other parts of Europe. As Jews would arrive at Auschwitz, there would usually be doctors on the platform determining their physic. The doctors were to organise 2 lines/groups for the arriving Jews. One line was filled with relatively strong and fit young men and women, which then they became slave labour for the Nazis. Or they would go to the line of children, elderly men and elderly women, who then would die in the first 2 hours of their arrival of the camp. As the Jews arrived at the camp, they were forced to have the Jewish symbol of the golden star stitched on their coats, as a mark of their Jewish identity. Also all the men and the women who were not selected to be killed were registered and was given a tattoo on the arm with a number.
In the 6 death camps, there were about 30 high ranking members of the SS in charge of each of the camps. The members of the SS were basically protection squads, and were originally bodyguards for important Nazis. There were also ordinary guards which had about 90 guards per camp. The jobs of the guards were obviously to guard the prisoners, but also to make the place seem normal. Such as the gas...

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