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Computers Will Replace Human Teachers Essay

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Computers Will Replace Human Teachers
(Final Essay)
Mao Mao
Professor Barzso
English 105
4 May 2006
Image this: a student sits in front of a computer at home, looking at the screen. On the screen, there is a simulation of computer climate and crop model. The simulation predicts that excess rainfall may cause an estimated loss of $5 billion in agricultural production. In addition, a “virtual” (virtual: created, simulated, or carried on by means of a computer or computer network. (Online Degree Zone)) teacher provides a clear guidance. That student enjoys the lively class, and could learn both geography and economics at the same time. This situation will come to true in several years, ...view middle of the document...

Mainframes and minicomputers were put into some schools, but most were used for administration or for school counseling. (Schiess) Since educational software was developed in 1996, the computer has being growing more and more popular in education. According to survey, in 1996, 72 percent of 4th-graders, 91 percent of 8th-graders, and 96 percent of 11th-graders used a computer at home or at school to write stories or papers, a substantial increase from twenty years before; by 2005, computer ownership among students had almost reached 100%. (Education Statistics Quarterly) Today, the usage of computer remains very high. With the help of computers, students could retrieve information, manipulate data, and produce results efficiently in innovative ways.
Obviously, the computer has a great potential and can become a much more important part of school education in the future. Along with the development of technology, computers even may replace human teachers to teach students. My argument for this view goes as follows: first, computers fit students better and can be better than human teachers at teaching; second, computers deliver cost effective instruction; finally, the computer is still developing fast, and so it has a great potential.
Could computer replace human teachers? Yes, but there is a premise that its effect on teaching ability should be better than that of teachers’. According to many sources, computers truly fit for students and have more advantages than human teachers when it comes to teaching.
“If you miss something, the computer is going to go back and make you repeat it until you know it.” (Brain) This interesting sentence implies that human teachers cannot do the same thing. Assume that there are 25 students in a class, and a part of them miss something in the class—there is little probability for these things to be the same. To help those students, a human teacher may have to repeat almost everything. And if nearly a half of those students have different questions in understanding, it is difficult for a human teacher to collect all of these questions. Even if the teacher could, he/she could not answer them in limited time. However, with computers, each learner can choose a time, a place, a pace and an amount of learning. Computers can individualize instruction to meet the personal needs of each student effectively and save lots of time for both teachers and students. Also, computers are never impatient. When students fail to answer questions correctly or perform activities, the computer can simulate, drill, or explain the phenomenon until students can understand.
Computerized education is also more interesting and attractive to students. For many children and young people, computers are about games, fictional challenges, immediate penalties and instant gratification. They interact with computers for the purpose of play. Computers are perceived as being non-education toys, but can facilitate learning. It’s easy to...

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