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Computers And Technology Essay

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Humanities and Sciences are both essential in each and everyone’s lives. Sciences are important as it ensures new possibilities and ideas for our society. Science can be defined as “the study of the physical, biological aspects of the world.” 1 It is very much like reality. Technology, medicine, business are all science-related courses that are essential in our daily lives in the future. Humanities, on the other hand, are more about “content with not knowing, but rather, practice questioning and questioning, never settling on one single answer, because the truth is just based on different perceptions.” 2 Humanities facilitate critical thinking and perspectives, and such subjects include ...view middle of the document...

According to the Article STEM: Moving the Liberal Arts Education into the 21st century by Scott Bevins, people nowadays are widely exposed to technological equipment. Technology not only provides on-the-go entertainment, but is able to allow work-done efficiently and effectively. Teachers now integrate technology into their teaching. NTU uses clickers during their lectures and this enables students to answer question anonymously, and promotes learning. Clickers help students “develop a more solid, integrated, useful understanding of concepts and their interrelationships and applicability.” 5 Technology has helped students be more equipped to survive in a complex, highly technological knowledge-based economy and “has transformed the delivery of education, eroding the barriers of the past and thus increasing accessibility and flexibility for students.” 6
However, technology alone is not good enough for our society. Technology helps break down barriers and unify our world. However, this is at the expense of each country’s cultural identity. Due to the integration of technology around the world, cultures have been eroded. Loss of cultures in certain countries due to technology has too led to a loss in jobs in these sectors. For example, in Malacca, its Portugese and Peranakan culture are widely known and thus has attracted lots of visitors each year. In order to meet the high demand of tourists in their country, the country has resorted to using technology to create their traditional souvenirs and artefacts that represent their country. Machines are more efficient than the human workforce, and thus people are losing their jobs against technology. Traditional skills would be lost, and mass production would lead to a loss of culture. Hence, it is essential to expose students to both the humanities and the sciences as technology, a form of science, is like a double-edged sword, efficient to mankind, and yet indirectly affects our culture.
Medicine is another form of science available in our world. “It is both an area of knowledge, a science of body system and their diseases and treatment.” 7 A rising industry in every nation, medicine can cure illness, boost immunities, provide extra...

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