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Computers And Ethics Essay

1548 words - 7 pages

Social Networking

Danielle Morris
Professor Virginia Booth
INF 103: Computer Literacy
April 16, 2014

Communication is an inevitable occurrence in life and is vital to building and maintaining relationships. Individuals typically interact with family, friends, and colleagues regularly. Previously, landline phones and postal mail were popular methods of communication that individuals and businesses relied on. These venues were used to relay information, engage in transactions, and keep in touch with friends and family. As technology advanced, new and innovate ways of communication emerged. Today, one popular means of communication is that of social networking. A social network can be ...view middle of the document...

LinkedIn is essentially a virtual resume where individuals have the chance to share their work experience and skill. Business professionals are able to seek talent via the website, and users are able to apply for jobs, as well as update and display their personal achievements. LinkedIn is a professional networking site that connects talent to talent-seekers.
Social networking, particularly popular amongst children and young adults, has become recognized as a viable means of self-identification. Huffman (2013, p.2) stated that “Identities are constituted through interaction with others. Social networking tools provide ample opportunities for children and young adults to explore ones boundaries of self through presentation of self, learning, and building relationships.” Social networking can be seen as a way to introduce young adults to the world; setting standards for interaction and connecting them to diverse situations in which they learn to thrive and interact. The ability to master technology has become a common requirement and goal of educators for their students. Early in education, students are learning to use computers to complete research, homework, and get familiar with the use of email and social networks. Social networking has become a widely accepted form of communicating with classmates and teachers. The idea is that children and young adults have a chance to master proficiency and professionalism in communication. Social networking helps them to build self-confidence by encouraging communication and collaboration with peers. Whereas a student may be shy and reluctant to interact with peers in person, social networking can be used as an icebreaker where they can learn about their peers and identify commonalities, helping them to better identify and connect with others.
Another advantage of social networking is the ability to be in immediate contact with others, despite the distance that may exist between the parties. Social networking gives users immediate access to current events, the ability to share their thoughts with the world, and a venue to express themselves. Lifting the confines of only interacting with those around you, social media allows communication across cities, states, and countries. Families and friends are able to have instant interaction with one another, and stay updated on life events of those they love. Replacing the heartfelt writing of a letter, social media has become a technology heavily relied on to keep in contact with others.
The benefits of social networking has expanded beyond the individual, and has become common use for employers. Human resource departments are finding social networks a viable means of learning more about potential employees. Elzweig and Peeples (2009) bring attention to the use of social media in hiring or retention decisions. When narrowing down the applicant pool, human resource staff sometimes accesses information from candidates’ social network to prevent negligent...

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