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Computer Technology Essay

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Computer technology started in the 1940's, yet during this time they were the size of a modern house and could cost as much as a battleship (Encarta Encyclopedia). Then in 1977, Apple was the first company to develop the personal computer, which was small enough to fit on a desk. Finally in the last twenty years computing power doubles every eighteen months due to faster processors, which enable computers to do billions of calculations per second, and new storage devices that can hold entire libraries on a single device. Our everyday lives have grown more efficient and smoother due to computer technology: it enables society to access an unlimited amount of resourceful information and ...view middle of the document...

Nevertheless, video communication expands a person's ability to have anything from a meeting to a class while each party in a different country. For example, a student studying French via satellite would be able to have more direct contact with the French culture, rather than just reading it from a textbook. Though, some of the interpersonal feelings are lost through this type of communication the ability to be any where in the world in seconds allows for endless possibilities.Still, the opposition maintains that computer technology has caused the loss of many industrial jobs. The automotive industry was affected the most when computer technology replaced the assembly lines. Many jobs that would have taken three or more men were replaced by one robotic arm that never needs to rest. With the use of robotic arms precision and accuracy increased and most human errors were eliminated. This is shown by the aerodynamics of today's cars that could not be possible without modern computer technology. With these new advances there may have been a loss of jobs the beginning, but now there is a need for highly trained technicians to maintain and operate the advanced equipment.Furthermore, computer technology is used in almost every product we handle today. Some of the most obvious products such as cell phones, computers, televisions and cars all use newly developed miniaturized electronics. One of the most helpful advances is the use of computer electronics in cars, which enables a mechanic to diagnosis a person's car just by plugging it into their computer. What most people don't realize are the...

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