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Computer Simulation Essay

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Are we living in a computer simulation?
Throughout the history people have always asked the big questions: How did the universe come to exist? Is there a meaning to it all? In the past such questions have been limited to religion and philosophy. In the twentieth century, the massive development of technology caused the scientists to address the same questions. In 1994 French theorist Jean Baudrillard, whose work combines philosophy, social theory, and an idiosyncratic cultural metaphysics, makes a claim that what we perceive as reality might in fact be only a computer simulation. His work inspired an avalanche of questions and theories about who created the simulation and how would we ...view middle of the document...

Since we don’t have any prior memories, or the only memories we have, had been implanted into our heads, we have no way of knowing for sure. What if all the things happening in our world that point into the fact that we are indeed a part of a computer simulation, have been misinterpreted. Unexplainable things like déjà vus could in fact be just glitches in the simulation program (matrix movie). Furthermore, unexplainable things and events, that many like to call miracles, could also be the outcome of computer freeze-up or a hitch.
People who play first-person shooter computer games know that every now and then the computer or xbox malfunctions, and even though you were just shot in game, and the game should have restarted to the beginning of the mission, for some reason you got stuck in that one spot, you’re running around and no one else in the game can see you or shot you. Same thing could be happening in our world. People that have died, instead of passing away, linger around in form of ghosts or zombies until the creator of...

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