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Computer Simulated World Essay

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Conspiracy theories are some of the most talked about topics in the entire world. Many of the conspiracies out there range from either it’s possible to completely off the wall. The one conspiracy theory that caught my interest out of all the others though, was the idea that we are living in a computer simulation created by an intelligent race. Many of the most intelligent people in the world believe we are actually living in a computer simulated universe, and these are some of the most brilliant minds in the world.
The computer simulation theory is primarily based around the matrix movie which I have a small picture of in Figure A (hitman, 2011), but not entirely based ...view middle of the document...

One of the other leading theories involves our world being an entire simulation built on a supercomputer. This idea revolves around our universe being little bits inside an alien computer. Basically it is an idea similar to that of the popular Sims games where the universe is in control by another person. This idea would make more sense, because the person controlling the simulated universe could now experience everything as they watch their creation unfold. The simulated universe then would have been entirely created for entertainment purposes only rather than the creator getting nothing from it like the brain-in-the-vat scenario.
Another popular scientific argument goes even farther than the computer simulation theory. The simulation argument doesn’t just say we might be living in a computer simulation, it states that we probably are living in a computer simulated universe. The theory revolves around the fact that eventually technology will become so advanced that we will eventually build a computer simulated reality to visit our ancestors. What if the advanced society is already running the computer civilization, and we are unaware of this? Just like the Sims games one person controls thousands of other Sims characters, so why would it be so far-fetched to say that one being is controlling our universe right now as we speak?
All of these different ideas are based on the fact that technology is rapidly developing every year. Each New Year brings with it a different device and another look into the inevitable future that is to come. When new technology comes out it is almost completely outdated a few months later by a new upgrade. So why would it be impossible for us to believe that technology might have already been advanced enough for someone to find a way to create a computer simulated world for their enjoyment? Everyone is always trying to prove that aliens exist, and this theory can prove just that. Aliens might be the ones controlling this so called universe that we are blindly living through day to day.
Scientist also came up with a monkey universe theory to try to explain the computer simulated universe theory. In your mind picture a universe that could be created by a million monkeys randomly typing into a typewriter for ten hours a day. The probability of this happening is very small, but also not impossible. If the same monkeys type onto a computer instead of a type writer, the probability is much higher that one monkey might type a short computer program that could create the simulated universe. If you’re still entertaining the idea that the universe is created by a higher power, then this idea can be interpreted much differently.
Entertaining this idea for a moment maybe the computer program is short because it is simple, and easier for the grand designer to create the simulated universe. The shorter program would be easier to design, making it more compact and an elegant solution for producing a complex universe....

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