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Computer Security In Education Essay

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Maintaining internet security is of the utmost importance to higher education systems. The majority of universities’ administrative, financial, and clinical systems are available through a campus-wide network (Rasmussen, 2011). This means that highly confidential documents, such as student’s personal information, medical records, and much more are housed on campus servers. This information is vulnerable to security threats and puts the university at risk for lawsuits if the information is exposed. Student’s internet use on campus daily comes in contact with social ...view middle of the document...

The higher education system then has to deal with legal issues, public relations fiascos, and various financial losses.
In order to avoid any unnecessary headaches, universities go to great lengths to protect their networks from security threats. Organizations storing sensitive data are required by law to have a technology-based deterrent, a monitoring and reviewing method, and a process to lessen the breach (cite). In addition, universities practice standard internet security procedures such as implementing firewalls, filtering, sniffers, and virtual private networks. In this age of technology, no one is completely safe from cyber security threats, but with these combined practices, universities are much more equipped to defend themselves.

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