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Computer Programming Essay

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Management 35: Business Research
1st Semester School Year 2014-2015
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Theoretical Background:
I. It will promote computer literacy.
A. Computer literacy definition
1. Dictionary definition
2. Operational definition
B. Importance of computer literacy
1. Home
2. School
3. Work place
C. Applications of computer literacy
1. Home
2. School
3. Work place
II. A suitable precursor to advance programming.
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Society in this decade is heavily dependent on computer technology. Computer technologies ranging from Supercomputers, mainframe, personal computer and to mobile gadgets are used to help daily activities and processes become faster and less costly. Moreover, its importance and applications encompasses not only schools and work place but also homes. Despite this increased dependence in computer technology, most end-users are ignorant of the higher potential functions of computers. Children learning early in their elementary days provide a strong foundation for future programming endeavors. Students as early as 5th-6th grade in elementary levels should be literate enough in computers.
As they move-up in educational levels specifically in secondary and tertiary, and depending on the curriculum, students may possibly come across higher levels of computer programming which may require theoretical backgrounds in the fundamentals of programming. Furthermore, after graduating in senior high school, in the case of students affected by K-to-12, they will seek employment opportunities in their home countries or in abroad which will require sets of skills. These students are professionals to be who will be working in a computer-dependent workplace where everything is almost digitized. They will be working in different fields of work utilizing different computerized apparatus that will require adept applications of basic computer programming, fundamentals of computer functions and computer applications.
Knowing so, there should be an integration of basic computer programming in 5th & 6th grade of Silliman University because it will promote computer literacy, a suitable precursor to advance programming, and an asset to latent employment opportunities.
Theoretical Background
The use of computers is widespread in the different fields of our lives. They are essential tools and resources in our daily operations especially in the management of modern organizations. Most students will be future computer users not computer specialists. As future entrepreneurs, businessmen, manager and professionals in computer-dependent organizations, students need a basic understanding of computers and how can they be applied to their information processing needs. This is the type of computer literacy that they should be able to demonstrate. In other words, computer literacy is the individual’s basic understanding of computers and how can they be applied to his/her information processing needs.
Computer Literacy has been defined as the collection of skills, knowledge, understanding, values, and relationships that allows a person to function comfortably as a productive citizen of a computer-oriented society. Computer literacy tended to referrer to an awareness level of computer knowledge. Students will learn more about their capabilities, limitations, and applications. They would also gain insight on how computers affect the world. Today, the goal of computer literacy is a...

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