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Computer Networks Essay

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The Brand Experience Toolkit

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

Table of Contents

1.0 History of the AIESEC Brand
1.1 1.2 1.3 What is a brand? Why do we have a global brand? Brand Promise vs. Brand Experience: an evolution

2.0 The Brand Experience
2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 An overview Our competitors Our target audiences Physical manifestations Benefits Differentiator Essence

3.0 Filter tool – how to use the Brand Experience in practice
3.1 3.2 Assessing your results Finding support

Brand Experience Toolkit

1.0 – History of the AIESEC brand
Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

History of the AIESEC brand
The global AIESEC brand as we know it today was ...view middle of the document...

Brand Experience Toolkit

1.0 – History of the AIESEC brand
Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]


Brand Promise vs. Brand Experience: an evolution

The Brand Promise introduced in 2004 was the start of the branding initiative from AIESEC International, bringing the network together to have one visual identity and synergizing messages across the network. While the earlier brand promise helped quite a bit to align the organization to be transmitting common messages, it was difficult to apply to products and also quite internally focused, not providing reasons for partners to engage with AIESEC rather than our competition. The brand promise was made up of words that we felt best described AIESEC, but there was no clear plan on how to use it in practice. Now a few years later, we see the need to evolve this further in order for it to be used in practice, including how it should be used in relation to product development and messaging—a crucial step on the path to creating a strong global brand for AIESEC. As a result, with the help of consultants from Unilever, we now have what we call the Brand Experience. This methodology will serve as a tool that can be used to filter everything we do quickly and easily to understand its alignment to our brand, which in the end supports in its strengthening. Unlike the brand promise which was internally focused, the Brand Experience first considers the outside environment and looks inward, reflecting how our stakeholders actually experience our brand when they interact with AIESEC, and how we do things differently than our competitors. By being conscious of this we can ensure that we are strengthening our global brand in all actions we take, meeting the needs of our stakeholders and putting us ahead of our competitors at the same time.

Brand Experience Toolkit

2.0 – The Brand Experience
Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

The Brand Experience

Brand Experience Toolkit

2.1 – The Brand Experience: an overview
Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

The Brand Experience: an overview
The Brand Experience is a simple way to understand how our target audiences (members, supporters and enablers) experience (or interact with) the AIESEC brand. The interactions and touch points they have with AIESEC will shape the impression of what AIESEC is to them, and by being conscious of this we can manage the kind of experience we would like our target audiences to have with AIESEC. The Brand Experience has several elements that will be discussed in more detail in this toolkit. They include:

      

Our competitors Target audiences Physical manifestations Benefits Our Values Discriminator Essence

(organizations offering similar products to our target audiences) (our potential members, enablers and supporters) (the first interaction point to AIESEC for our target audiences) (what our target audiences get out of engaging with AIESEC) (reflective of The AIESEC Way) (what...

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