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Computer Networking Essay

1184 words - 5 pages

Hassan Qamar
Professor: Rik N.
Chapter 21 KT

a bunch of bits in rows and columns.

The process of checking and correcting the graduations of an instrument or device such as an inkjet printer.

default printer
The designated printer to which Windows prints unless another printer is selected

Devices and Printers window
a window used in Windows 7 to manage and uninstall printers.

direct thermal printer
a type of thermal printer that burns dots onto special coated paper as was done by older fax machines.

duplex printer
a printer that is able to print on both sides of the paper.

duplexing assembly
Used in a duplex printer, a duplexing ...view middle of the document...

impact paper
Paper used by impact printers and comes as a box of fanfold paper or in rolls (used with receipt printers).

impact printer
a type of printer that creates a printed page by using a mechanism that touches or hits the paper.

ink cartridge
Cartridge in inkjet printers that holds the different colors of ink for the printer.

inkjet printer
a type of ink dispersion printer that uses cartridges of ink. The ink is heated to a boiling point and then ejected onto the paper through tiny nozzles.

laser printer
a type of printer that uses a laser beam to control how toner is placed on the page and then uses heat to fuse the toner to the page.

local printer
a printer connected to a computer by way of a port on the computer. Compare to network printer.

LPT (Line Printer Terminal)
assignments of system resources that are made to a parallel port and that are used to manage a print job. Two possible LPT configurations are referred to as LPT1: and LPT2:.

network printer
a printer that any user on the network can access, through its own network card and connection to the network, through a connection to a stand-alone print server, or through a connection to a computer as a local printer, which is shared on the network.

Printer Control Language (PCL)
a printer language developed by Hewlett-Packard that communicates to a printer how to print a page.

pickup roller
a part in a printer that pushes forward a sheet of paper from the paper tray.

a printer language developed by adobe Systems that tells a printer how to print a page.

print head
The part in an inkjet or impact printer that moves across the paper, creating one line of the image with each pass.

Print Management
a utility located in the administrative Tool group in Windows 7/Vista professional and business editions that allows you to monitor and manage printer queues for all printers on the network.

print server
Hardware or software that manages the print jobs sent to one or more printers on a network.

print spooler
a queue for print jobs.

printer maintenance kit
a kit purchased from a printer manufacturer that contains the parts, tools, and instructions needed to perform routine printer maintenance.

printer self test page
a test page that prints by using controls at the printer. The page allows you to eliminate a printer as a problem and usually prints test, graphics, and information about the printer such as the printer resolution and how much memory is installed.

Printers and Faxes window
a window...

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