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Computer Maintenance Manual

February 17th, 2013

Computer Maintenance Manual
The following document is a computer maintenance and training manual designed for the new IT employees. This manual covers safety concerns, maintenance and cleaning of a computer, internal hardware installation and maintenance, basic principles for supporting I/O devices, and multimedia and mass storage devices.
For any corporation there are many safety concerns that must be covered when it comes to computer repair and maintenance. These safety concerns include environmental concerns, power protection, dust, statics, and heat issues, and the downloading of unauthorized software.
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Failure to have at least a surge protector in place with all computers will lead to the failure of the computer and cause undue costs in replacing the computer or the components that have failed because of the power surge.
The main killer of computer is the buildup of dust leading to the buildup of excess heat and static electricity. Every workplace has dust there is no way to remove all of the dust that is present in today’s environment. Every computer has fans built into the computer to deal with the heat that is produced by the components installed within the case. The major heat producer within a computer is the CPU and therefore there is a fan installed on top of the processor and then at least one more fan installed in the case. These fans cause dust to be drawn into the computer and then the dust starts to collect on the components installed inside the case. When the dust reaches a certain point the fans that are present stops to be enough to cool the CPU and the case. Heat and CPU do not mix too much heat at the CPU will cause the computer to shut down and heat also causes the lifespan of the CPU to be shortened. Eventually if the dust is not cleaned out of the computer the CPU will stop working and will need to be replaced. Static shock is another thing that must be avoided when working with computer components. For example the static shock that can be felt by humans is between 1000 volts and 10,000 volts while the static shock needed to render an internal computer component useless is no higher than 30 volts. What this means is that you could render a component useless without even knowing you did so. To protect against this whenever internal components of a computer will be touched a Anti-static device must be used.
All software that is downloaded and installed on the computer must be authorized because unauthorized software can have malware and viruses included within the programming of the software. These viruses and malware can cause security breaches and can also cause information that should not be released to the public to be released. This information could range from usernames and passwords to financial data on the customers of the company. This could be a very dangerous problem that could lead to the company being forced to close and being taken to court.
The cleaning and maintenance of a computer does not just mean the keyboard mouse and the monitor it also means the cleaning of the inside of the tower. The easiest way to clean the tower is to disconnect all of the cables that plug into the tower and then place the tower on top of the desk. After this has been done proceed to remove the side panel of the tower. Connect yourself to an anti-static device to protect against accidental static discharge. Then you are going to want to take a can of compressed air or an air compressor house and proceed to blow all of the dust out of the inside of the case. There are going to be areas of the case that are going to be tight...

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