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Computer Logic Test Essay

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Programs that make a computer useful for everyday tasks are known as ___.
Application Software
Which of the following is not an example of operating system software?
Microsoft Word
What function(s) does an interpreter perform with the instructions in a high-level programming language?
Translates and Execute
The term used for a set of rules that must be strictly followed when writing a program is:
____ was the first high-level programming language designed that could perform complex mathematical calculations.
Which computer language uses short words known as mnemonics for writing programs?
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Each instruction written in a high-level programming language is called a statement.
Assembly language is referred to as a low-level language because it is close to the C++ language.
The instruction set for a microprocessor is unique and is typically understood only by the microprocessors of the same brand.
The CPU understands instructions in machine language, which are written in binary.
A bit that is turned off is represented by the value -1.
The main reason for using secondary storage is to hold data for long periods of time, even when the power to the computer is turned off.
RAM is a volatile memory used for temporary storage while a program is running.
A computer is not a single device, but a system of devices that work together to manipulate data according to the instructions provided.

Chapter 2
Which error produces incorrect results but does not prevent the program from running?
The program development cycle is made up of ______ steps that are repeated until no errors can be found in the program.
What is the informal language that programmers use to create models of programs that have no syntax rules and are not meant to be compiled or executed?
The_____ is a diagram that graphically depicts the steps that take place in a program.
A____ structure is a set of statements that execute in the order they appear.
Which symbol is used for an assignment statement in a flowchart?
Which mathematical operator is used to raise five to the second power?
The value of the expression 12 – 4 * 3 / 2 + 9 is ____.
Which of the following is not a variable data type?
A___ is a name that represents a value that cannot be changed during the program’s execution.
Named constant
____ documentation is a reference guide that describes the features of the program, designed for the user.
The process where the programmer steps through each of the program’s statements one by one is called ____.
Hand tracing
What is another term used for ‘desk checking’?
Hand tracing
The following is an example of what type of statement: Set rate = 5.75
What symbol is used to mark the beginning and end of a string?


Programmers start writing code as the first step when they begin a new project.
The structure of the camelCase naming convention is to write the first word of the variable name in lowercase letters and then to capitalize the first character of the second and subsequent words.
The expressions (a + b) / c and a + b / c will always yield identical results.
An uninitialized variable is a variable that has been declared and automatically initialized to zero.
A named constant can be assigned a value using a Set...

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