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Computer Literacy Essay

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Exotic Bangladesh: |
The Miracle of beauty |



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05 | Samina Chowduri | Risha | 83 |

Bangladesh is a country bestowed with the gifts of nature. It has nurtured some of the most ancient civilizations of this continent. The young country came into existence after a blood-spattered liberation war in 1971. But the pace of growth and development has been impeded by many factors. Bangladesh, as a Least Developing Country (LDC), faces a reputation ...view middle of the document...

It is about letting others know about the talents and the opportunities that a country is endowed with. Accordingly, nation branding requires a broader definition of the term “branding” that includes a plan for earning reputation. Indeed, one needs to inspire and induce majority of the citizens to act in a way that helps the country to earn a reputation and make sure that the world knows about it and believes in it. Anholt introduced in 2005 the Anholt-GMI Nation Brand Index along with GMI, an e-business solution provider. Based on responses from about 25,900 consumers drawn from 35 countries, the index provided a score addressing six core areas of a country depicted through a hexagon: Tourism, Culture, Governance, Exports, People and Investment.

Branding Bangladesh: “Bangladesh – Undiscovered Gem of Asia”
Nation branding is not yet given much attention in the middle and low income countries. But if a country opts not to have a branding strategy, it does not mean that others will leave it alone. Rather, disadvantaged countries like Bangladesh will be left to the discretion of others and get “branded” based on limited and partial or biased information. Remaining cognizant of this, emerging economies are increasingly addressing the issue of nation branding in a pro-active manner. For instance, in the region, India is recreating its image as the hub of IT based industries and services as well as a major source of skilled manpower. Even small countries, like Bhutan, may use their image of being small, unique, unspoiled and fragile that is envied by the developed world.
Till date, Anholt Index does not include Bangladesh. But as Bangladesh progresses, it will definitely generate enhanced interest in the global community and the sponsors of the index will be inclined to include the country in its exercise. In this connection, a limited survey carried out by CPD among a set of young professionals ranked the six core areas of brand reputation in the following descending order of strength: People, Exports, Culture, Tourism, Investment and Governance. Incidentally, the numerical distance of the weakest area (governance) was substantial from the rest. One wonders whether the expatriate consumers will agree with this ordering.
Bangladesh will be well advised to develop a branding strategy which would expose convincingly and continuously, its natural and acquired strengths, without underplaying the need to effectively deal with the structural and policy weaknesses. A government-corporate partnership, underpinned by active involvement of the civil society, may be forged to articulate an operational plan in this regard.

1. Culture:
Present day Bangladesh has a long history in its cultures. The land, the rivers, and the lives of the Bengali people formed a rich heritage with marked differences from neighboring regions. It has evolved over the centuries and encompasses the cultural diversity of several social groups of...

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