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Computer Information Paper

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Computer Information Paper
Today’s technological breakthroughs render opportunities to discover various new means of communication as well as innovative means to assist the economy with new medical enhancements. To have a better understanding of the technological advances experienced, the need to look at the beginning of computers and their components are essential. One of the component variations of a computer is the hardware. This is an overview of the potential uses of some of those technologies in the hardware department.
Input Technologies
The accuracy of data input is important in regard to ensuring that proper methods are used for various situations. Printed questionnaires ...view middle of the document...

When working with bank checks, the technology which serves best for such a task is the (magnetic ink character reader). These readers can identify all the pertinent information found on a check, such as the name of the bank, the checking account number, and the check number. Other areas of professional interaction with vital information are assisted by this technology as well. One of the technologies that are used on a smaller scale today is the (point-of-sale terminals). This technology renders itself to the retail industry, for the purpose of reading the retail tags of the products sold in stores. These computerized cash registers may or may not have touchscreens, and are not limited to the utilization of barcode scanners for pricing. The fifth input device is the ever so faithful (keyboard). The keyboard is the most common and widely used input device. This particular device inputs text and numerical data into the computer terminals. The keyboard is also responsible for the creation of long documents as well as other interfacing activities. Five input technologies are visited, and the remaining 19 devices are already in use and improved upon. These technologies allow individuals to put data into the computers through two methods, either human data-entry devices or source data-automation input devices.
Output devices are very important for the convenience and quality of several tasks. Handheld computers are one of the output devices that provide portability and convenience. (Electronic Books/Readers) are good examples of handheld computers. The major food distribution corporations are using such devices for their inventory research teams. They offer the ability to move around freely with the ease of inputting data into a storage unit for uploading at a later time. These computers are wireless devices with on-board storage, capable of enabling access to all sorts of media and Internet resources. For the individuals who enjoy viewing life-like color photographs, the (laser printers) are the best output devices for such a task. These devices use a laser beam that writes information onto a photosensitive drum, which produce a high resolution text and graphics. Inkjets are best for the creation of resumes, memorandums, and other textual documents, by shooting a fine stream of colored ink onto paper, offering the resolution quality equal to laser printers. The uses of (plotters) are essential to creating statistical reports. This technology uses computer-directed pens for creating high-quality images, blueprints, schematics, drawing of new products, etc. Another output device to view is the LCD, which is better known as the (Liquid Crystal Display). This technological breakthrough is a flat display that has liquid crystals between two polarizers to form characters and images on a backlit screen. This technology serves an organization for company annual reports and other high graphical...

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