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Computer In Nowadays Essay

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Information technology systems have transformed our world, dramatically improving productivity and efficiency in almost every sector of global business. In addition, developed Information technology has been changing the human life. In this assignment, I will show that many cases were brought to our life by computer. Articles by Fellenstein C., Wood R., David R. and Warwick are from the books. Articles from the internet will also be used.Today, the Internet is very active in business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer, and government-to-consumer contexts. The use of the Internet in a business-to-business context appears to be rapidly gaining momentum. In recent years, 'the Department of ...view middle of the document...

The time it takes to process and fulfill purchase orders has dramatically been reduced, from days to minutes.In the supply chain area, IBM has significantly improved its order-processing cycle-time, thereby dramatically improving customer satisfaction number. Now IBM has achieved an overall savings of about $1.7 billion annually. Accordingly IBM is a main provider to the Internet industries, with its innovative leadership in "e-business" and its diversified set of platforms that support and interact with the Internet in almost any way one could imagine.The future of global economics lay firmly in the hands of high tech development that would, eventually, give rise to a common world currency program and, eventually, the hopeful replacement of physical currency altogether. Computers are not only developing in the business industry but also developed a new society for us, as we know it's called as cashless society. Nowadays, many people just need to carry the credit card for paying, and don't have to carry so much cash as before, certainly the same as international travelers. According to the poll, Australians and Americans are most confident about carrying less cash and feel that US$80 to US$100 is sufficient. They could imagine living without cash and checks and paying only with plastic.Another example of cashless using is when the people are going out for shopping; they usually don't bring extra money for it but using the VISA or Credit Cards to make a payment. A credit card is the only form of payment card that offers a revolving line of credit in addition to its function as a means of electronic payment. Credit cards are so widespread in today's world; it can substitute the use of cash. There also some counter can only use the cash for payment so the other way to get the money as soon as possible is by withdrawing the money from ATM (Automatically Teller Machine), it's easy for consumers to spend while being much cheaper and less attractive to criminals than cash. So on these cases, we can find more secure and convenient to our life through using the cards.Some years ago, the idea of the Paperless office was popularized as an ideal. We are all familiar with paperwork-----such as filling out seemingly useless or unnecessary complicated forms. In wholesale distribution, paperwork is endless like packaging slips, shipping tickets, sales reports, vendor invoices, handwritten memos and other paper based documents seem to be everywhere.Take an example in Paperless office solution: Distribution Company, A large auto glass distribution wholesaler that has warehouses throughout the US. Independent vendors' pickup auto glass products and sell them independently. Thousands of orders per month...

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