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Computer Hw Essay

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Assignment Type: Discussion Board   Deliverable Length: 4–7 paragraphs    
Due Date: 2days  Discussion Board Posting Policy 1. Definitions: a. Main Post - the student's direct response to the DB assignment. The main post can be the student's first post of the week or a subsequent post. b. Response Post - the student's replies to others in the class. Response posts are required to be relevant and substantive, to add something to the issue being discussed. It cannot be over-emphasized that all DB posts should help move the online discussion forward.  c. Initial Post - the student's first post to the DB in the week. This post is an original substantive response to another ...view middle of the document...

Students who fail or neglect to make their initial DB post on or before Wednesday will lose 10% of the points for the DB assignment. Instructors can also deduct additional points if any of the required posts are not substantive as described in statement #1 above.Discuss the differences between a network operating system, a client operating system, and a file system, including the following: * What are the purpose and functions of each of these? * In your opinion, which network operating system has had the most influence on the other NOSs? * What exactly was the impact? Support your decision.In your own words, please post a response to the Discussion Board and comment on other postings. You will be graded on the quality of your postings.
     | Assignment Type: Individual Project   Deliverable Length: 2–5 pages double-spaced in Microsoft Word format    
Due Date: 2days  Part IOpen a Command Prompt (MS-DOS Prompt) window, and complete the following activities. As always, be sure to cite any sources you use in your response in APA style. 1. At the prompt, enter the arp command. Take a screenshot. In your own words, what does the response tell you about the arp command? 2. Type "ping" and then "ping" Take a screenshot of each ping command and its resulting output. Note how long it takes for your packets to come back (in ms). Wait a couple of minutes, and try it...

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