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Computer Generations Essay

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MAKOLO, ALEX E. BAC/12/71337
SEIF, SAADA AB. BAC/12/61153

Management can be thought of as multi-dimensional in nature. It can be defined as a process, as discipline, people and career. Clearly distinguish between managerial functions and ...view middle of the document...

g. business, hospitals, Churches, Military etc.
* As a social process accomplished by people through people as management involve people in all endeavors.
* As a collection process through which things are made happen in an efficient and effective way.
Management as a discipline is one of academic field of study with an organized body of knowledge comprising of theory and a set of principles. It consists of specialized branches namely;
* General management.
* Personal management.
* Production management.
* Material management.
* Financial management.
* Marketing management.
Also Management as a discipline has fulfills the following two requirements;
* There must be scholars and thinkers who communicate relevant knowledge through research and publication.
* The knowledge should formally imported by education and training programs.
As a Career; Management is the total number of people controlled by individual and includes certain plans and information applicable for future decision making, information and problem solving. It is composed of continuously improving the existent conditions at the present work place and preparing yourself for a change.
* As a people; Management is an organizational unit which consists of managers who lead subordinates for the purpose of attaining certain objectives in future period of time.
Management function are those task that management body of an organization partening to do in order to achieve the organization goals through utilizing organization resources effectively and efficiently.
The different scholars classify management function as:-
According to Henry Fayol he describes management function into:
* Planning
* Organizing
* Leading
* Controlling
* Commanding and
* Coordinating
According to Luther Gullik he describes management function into:
* Planning
* Organizing
* Staffing
* Directing
* Coordinating
* Reporting and
* Budgeting
According to Koontz he describes management function into:
* Planning
* Organizing
* Staffing
* Directing and
* Controlling
Management role is an action performed by management in an organization daily for the purpose of accomplish organization goals.
Also those skills that help Manager to perform management function are known as management roles.
According to Henry Mintzberg classify management role into ten roles but subdivided into three categories,such as:
* Interpersonal
* Information
* Decision
The following are the different between managerial functions and managerial roles;
According to Henry fayol there are about five management functions, and according to Mintzberg there are ten managerial roles which are sub-divided into three categories which are interpersonal, informational decisional roles.
Management function are not easily affected by new environment while managerial role are easily...

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