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Computer Forensics And Cyber Crime Essay

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Computer Forensics and Cyber Crime



Computer Forensics and Cyber Crime
A security survey or audit can also be referred to as a vulnerability analysis. A security survey is an exhaustive physical examination whereby all operational systems and procedures are inspected thoroughly (Fischer & Green, 2004). A security survey involves a critical on-site examination and analysis of a facility, plant, institution, business or home to determine its current security status, its current practices deficiencies or excesses, determine level of protection needed, and ways of improving overall security levels are recommended. A security survey can either be done by in-house ...view middle of the document...

Thereafter, recommendations are made to ensure all security breaches are dealt with and measures are put in place to prevent future security issues.
All organizations face risk and it’s the responsibility of top management to ensure organizational security. Risk is the probability of an unwanted outcome occurring with its magnitude leading to adverse consequences (Broder & Tucker, 2012). Organizations must therefore manage risk to identify, reduce and control potential undesirable outcomes from happening which may lead to losses. Risk assessment/analysis serves the purpose of determining vulnerabilities in facilities or organizations or dangers or hazards triggered by natural or other forces.
There are several steps or criteria of risk analysis/assessment used to identify risks and probability of loss. The first step is to establish how critical risk is, then prioritize the level of criticality (Broder & Tucker, 2012). Establishing criticality involves ascertaining the cost of any asset or value impact should the asset be lost due to natural or other forces. It includes determining how important these assets are to the continued productivity of the entire organization. For example if the production process cannot continue without certain special equipment, then this...

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